Thursday, July 24, 2008

Was Elvis a Time Traveler?

Is it possible that instead of dying, Elvis used one of his secret super powers, or was given a gift by a secret government agency for his service as a secret agent, to disappear and retire - in time? Pretty heady speculation huh? Got some elements of science fiction, right? Am I trying to write a book? Nope, just something weird I came across while perusing the Web. Boing Boing reporting on an article from Neatorama shows an ancient Roman statue with an uncanny resemblance to none other than the king of rock and roll. Check out this Roman Elvis from the 2nd Century AD!

via Boing Boing



wolfkahn said...

Hilarious, though the Michael Jackson lookalike is just scary.

Maybe Vegas Elvis there built a time machine, traveled to the future to find new brands of peanut butter,instead met his future (temporary) son-in-law and took him on a time traveling jaunt as a means of bonding.

Or it could just be a funny coincidence, nah!

Paul said...

Wolfkahn, I think you may have uncovered a conspiracy of the highest order! It may have been in fact been future and past Elviss working in tandem to way lay said future son in law with the intent of stranding him in some neolithic era, but point of fact now it would seem that son in law was a clever ruse designed to incited secret/super elvi to rage where upon they (see, I can see you cleverly did not mention acompli of said bogus SIL) incapacitated s/s elvi with something akin to kyrptonite laced fried peanut much and banana sandwiches and abandoned him in the second century. Its all so brutally clear now! you sir are brilliant!

wolfkahn said...

It's a cover-up of staggering proportions. Erich von Däniken must be told!

paul said...

I fear sir that avenue may be closed to us. I have heard from those in the know and have been informed that
von Däniken is himself an alien. Thwarted at every corner.