Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saturday's on CN ratcheting up aminated SF

Robert Sorcher, cco of the Cartoon Network, told SCI FI Wire that the cable network is expanding it selection of animated science fiction for Saturday evenings. In addition to renewing Ben 10, Star Wars: CloneWars and a new animated Batman series called Batman: The Brave and the Bold is coming from Warner Brothers.

The new Saturday night programming is not yet scheduled, but Sorcher said it will debut sometime after the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie hits theaters on Aug. 15.

Sf Signal muses that they will leave it up to you whether the new additions to the lineup mean that CN has a better Saturday lineup than Sci-Fi, but if you like your Science fiction with healthy doses of animation and anime - Saturdays will be a slam dunk for the CN. via SF Signals


wolfkahn said...

Sounds cool. There sure are a lot more good cartoons now than when I was a kid.

Paul said...

There really are. I think we can thank the Japanese for their Anime influence. They are so good at taking up an idea or tech, putting their own spin on it, and feeding it back to us. In this case its a win win. I knew that anime was a winner when I first was exposed in the early 60s with AstroBoy. American animators still didn't catch on for several decades. As it stands now, we are catching up, but Japanese animation is still far superior, maybe not so much in tech, but so much so in execution.