Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The First Practical Jetpack

From the NewYork Times via Boing Boing comes news of the very first "practical" jet pack. Practical because its the first to have a flight time of more than 20 seconds. A much more stable platform and flight dynamics. Higher flight ceiling and how hard it is to learn to fly. Glenn Martin, spent 27 years developing the devices, said he hoped to begin selling them next year. First units out the door will cost apx 100k. Hey, cheaper than a flight on StarShip 1!
Click here for a film showing the unit in " teathered " flight.

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wolfkahn said...

I just can't make up my mind about this one. Cool or not?

On one hand it's a step closer to seeing one of the earliest Sci-Fi inventions become real. And it would be fun to use in less populated areas.

On the other hand, it's too big and not technically a jet. It's nearly useless as transportation. And it's so insanely dangerous that it will be banned everywhere.