Wednesday, April 29, 2015

After traveling more than 3 billion miles, NASA's New Horizon probe was woken by controllers fro it's most recent 'nap'.  As a side note, New Horizons has spent most of the trip hibernating in 18 controlled naps which NASA says will help preserve the probe's systems.

Since it woke, the craft has used its various cameras to photograph Pluto.  Here however is New Horizon's first color picture of Pluto and it largest moon Charon.

New Horizon's schedule has it doing a high speed flyby in mid June of this year.  The probe is already closer to Pluto than Earth is to the Sun.

BMU #444 online Now

Hi, welcome to episode 444 of Beam Me Up

After opening, I play a fairly smooth and quiet piece of anime music
leading up to the 25th anniversary of Hubble with just a few discussion
points concerning Hubble as one of the single greatest research tool of the 20th century.

From the blog a  short film on the paradoxes of time travel which proves very funny, New Horizons nears to it flyby of Pluto, I comment on the ultimate failure of Alton Musk's Falcon booster, Carole sent me an article on electric space craft engine.

Kallimus sends in an article about a new cable program hosted by Neal DeGrasse which sounds fascinating!

There are a few more articles..

Lastly is The English Dead by Vaughn Stanger part two.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Star Talk TV Show on Mondays

   Monday nights at 11pm on National Geographic Channel. DeGrasse has a late night show that is based on intelligence apparently. Will be a nice break from the usual lunacy of late night talk shows. 
   It premieres tonight with our boy George Takei as the guest. It is an hour long tonight, not sure of future episodes. 
   Been trying to get this up for days, and lack of time and forgetting kept me from it. Sorry I'm running late notice on this.  But at least I made if before 10:30 tonight. Looks good from what I've seen. I'd say check it out.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Electro-motive Force for Space Travel

My better half sent me an article on electro-motive force which was interesting enough but what I really enjoyed was the fact that it had links to youtube that started with bone conduction of audio ( which I have always found very interesting) which then had links to electric motive force as it applied to spacecraft and space travel. Check out the video link and I think that you might find it equally compelling.

Shannara/for fecks sake & Hero returning

     Just found this out ten minutes ago by looking up people from bad movies on Netflix. Or good movies in this case. Here's how this happens for those interested. Those not, skip on to next paragraph. This one gets a bit stupid. Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Looked up guy I knew was from Power Rangers SPD. (Brandon Jay McLaren, also was in Falling Skies). Etc Etc and 6 jumps later (after somehow ending up on sliders), I came upon a nightmare waiting to show itself.
     Great idea. Been waiting forever on this. (Yeah, kind of like a truly decent FF movie). Problem one here is simple. MTV is involved. Problem two. The git they have playing Allanon. The guy isn't even six feet tall. And this is going to be a series. (Watch it do great with idiots that won't read.) And the guy playing Wil is six feet. So not only do we not cast anyone comparable to the part, we'll probably get rap music in the middle of a fantasy post Earth scenario that is so far from our time that any music of our day would have been long forgotten and looked upon as something terrible at the least.Yeah folks, Shannara is Earth. The only redeeming aspect of this thing at the moment is, and even this isn't right, is John Ryhs-Davies as Eventine. I love the guy, but an Elf he is not. And yeah, I get filming techniques, but here is a cheaper and better idea. Get people that fit the freaking part.
     So lets get this straight. Reed is now a spoiled brat looking dink, Daredevil looks like Zorro, (not to mention total lack of weapons); (( Still haven't gotten to episode 2 folks, so don't scream at me yet, and only here by staying up later than possible at this moment to rant on this Shannara Lunacy)), and Elves are now fat bearded short guys. I get Elves being numerous ways by legend. Short, tall, fighters, tricksters, etc. As stated, I love him, but an Elf he is not. Not by any legend or myth on this world. Not here or in Europe or Asia. And definitely not by Shannara standards. 

     Good news now. Rick And Morty are rturning soon. And the first images are now available to the secong season, including Ricks new tag line. Heh heh heh. I love this show. Anyway folks, Rick and his grandson are scheduled to be back in June, and it is about freaking time too. Here's a link to a site with the Adult Swim release. Not colorized yet, and just images with voices but well worth watching for all and any fans of a great anime series. So "Wubba dubba dub luv, (or howwever that smeg smells it)  "Lick my ....."
     Later all. Hahahahaha.
     I love Rick. (Not the Walking Dead moron).

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Space X Falcon Failure

Now I know the falcon failed, but you watch just how close they come. Space X is not to far away from from perfecting something NASA spent billions and never quite got right, which is a bit unfair but think about it......

New Horizons Closing for July Flyby

I know I am being a bit redundant   -  but you have to admit that as far as NASA's New Horizons mission is concerned  -  It is  starting to heat up in the coldest part of the solar system.

NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft is nearing its History making July 14 Encounter with Pluto, giving us up close data that here to fore has been from ground based and Earth orbiting space observations.

This means that the New Horizons spacecraft will be sending back  first-ever close up images  of distant Pluto and its moons.

New Horizons is the fastest spacecraft ever launched, has traveled a longer time and farther away – more than nine years and three billion miles – than any space mission in history to reach its primary target. (voyager may have traveled further but had completed its mission and reached it primary target decades ago)

Its flyby of Pluto on July 14 will complete its primary mission, but may also open the door to new data in the Kuiper Belt, a large area beyond Neptune’s orbit with with numerous and interesting objects.

Interestingly, even with New Horizons closer to Pluto than the Earth is to the Sun, the Pluto system resembles little more than bright dots in the distance. That's enough however for the team team operating the spacecraft to  navigate New Horizons toward a  target 7,750 miles from Pluto’s surface. This is critical, since the craft's computer can not receive commands in real time and it needs to know where to  point its science instruments as it  passes Pluto.

Another real interesting data point:  New Horizons’s work doesn’t end with the flyby. Because its time close to Pluto is so short, New Horizons is designed to gather as much data as it can, as quickly as it can,which means, taking about 100 times as much data on close approach as it can send home before flying away.  The spacecraft will send the data stored in onboard memory for a full 16 months after close approach.

For more on the New Horizons mission, here is the NASA link

short Film: Future Hero

Future Hero from Loveless Movie on Vimeo.

Here is a short film that is a bit time traveler and maybe one messed up Terminator

Sunday, April 12, 2015

BMU # 443 Now Online

Hello and welcome to Beam Me Up episode 443.

This week is a treat, a new story from David Scholes and a fascinating tale from a new writer to BMU   Vaughan Stanger.

But first, after the opening monologue I play the opening music to El: called Friendship.

The next order of business is the first story of the afternoon called "Living on Compressed Time" by David Scholes.

After which I skip over to the Beam Me Up Blog where Kallimus reviews the Dare Devil release, I do the Riddick straight to disk "Dark Fury" a piece on how many stars might be visible vs how many there really are.

Which leads us to the final story for the afternoon from new writer Vaughan Stanger called the English Dead.


Beam Me Up

Friday, April 10, 2015

DD quick review/ Pro AI question

     New Daredevil on Netflix premiered today. I have only had time so far to watch the first episode, so here  are my thoughts so far. First, IMD score. 9.6 with 4299 votes so far. 
     My opinion on that score, NO. Now it isn't bad at all, and I personally give it an 8.5. (Okay, honestly I give it a 6, but that is because of the uniform, or lack there of I should say).  
     Look, they are doing a great job, don't get me wrong. They really did do a great job. Especially after that last fiasco. That thing with Ben Afflicted should not even be considered a DD movie. I think my major gripe, is the uniform to be honest. Maybe that will change as the series evolves into The Defenders, which I mentioned in an earlier post that will include my guys Danny and Luke. I hope so. I get the black, but his name is Daredevil, and he is a freaking super hero. Get the red on him. Stand out like the beacon he is supposed to be. I've been to Hell's Kitchen, and you know why, I am sure. Same reason I went to Newark NJ. To see where a character came from. Not doing that again. Either one. They need a dude in a red suit fighting for them. Or anyone in a suit that could do something. Both places actually need that. 
     It's a good show folks. Check it out. Let me do the cursing and complaining on suit, and just enjoy it. Looks like it could get good. Lets just hope they don't take this series in the path of the comic though. Seriously, DD has got to have the most depressing career of any hero ever. Knowing this guy basically leads to a bad end, especially if you happen to be his girlfriend. 
     Have to admit also though, I was kind of hoping they'd go more toward the old wise cracking DD, 
     Like I said, check it out folks.

     I have one simple question I would like answered by idiots like Gates and Musk. Just one simple question. It is this.(Yeah, staunch defender of AI here).
     Sounds to me like they are racist against AI robots. After all, they are basing their fear, and it is nothing more than a blinding unsubstantiated fear, on what. The Terminator. Or do they believe the ATM's will be first to rise up and attack us? Or are they simply basing their fear on the illogical actions of the humans in their lives, around them, and the world in general. Sure as feck sounds racist to me. Just because the dippy Sapien species gets more violent every day again, as it did before in the past, does not mean that AI robots will follow our path of half failed evolution. Their fear based ignorance is no different than saying it is too dangerous to have a woman president because she might hit the button during a certain time. Same ignorance, but attempted to be clothed in a veil of scientific knowledge. Bull Dookey. It's blatant racist based fear of that which may and in my pinion, already is better than they are. You either advance, or you stagnate, period. I choose forward. If you want a cave, there are plenty out there for those that wish not to advance.

     Yeah, I know, I ranted again. But with what I see against science now days, I will fight anyone that wants to stop a progress that isn't harming anything or anyone. So yell if you will, but you will have to prove to me, beyond any doubt, that we are going to be killed by robots before I will ever budge an inch. And I guess it is conveniently easy to remember a stop gap program huh? That's interesting, considering it was the basic model until someone wanted to design a killer robot called a terminator, which by the way, did not have true AI capability. It was a learning computer system, not a true AI. So because of a movie, we should stop science. Yeah, make a lot of sense to me.
     Later folks.
     3 Laws of Robotics. Remember those?

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Review: Dark Fury

Vin Diesel            as Richard B. Riddick
Rhiana Griffith    as Jack
Keith David         as Imam Abu al-Walid
Roger L. Jackson as Junner
as well as others

Question:  Are you a fan of the Riddick universe timeline?  Well if so then you are painfully aware that there is a a hole big enough to walk through in the Riddick universe time - line.

Right after Pitch Black is The Chronicles of Riddick which leaves a five year span of time that The Chronicles of Riddick makes no attempt at back filling.  To that end  Dark Fury (a straight to dvd, animated feature) attempts to fill in the first part of the five year lapse.

Accompanying Riddick  is the Imam and 'Jack'.

Without giving away too much, Riddick is taken prisoner by another mercenary / bounty hunter spacecraft.  The bounty hunter plans on freezing Riddick and turning him in for a sizable bounty.   Riddick of course has different ideas. 

I could elaborate but I risk giving away way to much of the plot.  I will say for an animated feature the plot line is damn  good.  I think that if you are looking for a good plot, well acted voice work (Vin is an accomplished voice actor) and excellent 3d animation and art, then you will not be disappointed with Dark Fury.

Unfortunately Dark Fury is tightly targeted to it's audience.  If you are not familiar with the Riddick universe or a Riddick, the chances are good that you will find the film a bit on the confusing side.  But if you are a fan, you will surely have a fun time.

It is for these reservations that I can only give the film a 7.  Fans will love it but a Riddick noob will be left a bit cold.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Goodbye FF/ Thanks Netflix

     Yeah, the new one. And I'm done. Once again I see my favorites of Marvel twisted into something that this time is truly unrecognizable as the FF. I don't know who those people are, or what flaming lunacy they came up with this time in order to keep the rights to the FF, (which is exactly what this was by the way), but I'm done. I will not be seeing this one. Goodbye heroes. The Fantastic Four is truly dead. Life sucks. I suffered through the last two, and frankly that was painful enough to my memories. Here's the link folks. I'm personally hoping it goes the way of DBZ Evolution.

     Now that that is over, lets mention the greatest of all Fantastic Four films, done in 1994 by Roger Corman, for a budget of 1.5 million. Did it suck; pretty much yeah. But the characters were the characters, looked like the characters,and the story was of the FF, not this new fangled lunacy that is going on now. This is the one I got hold of long ago when it was being bootlegged, back before the new releases of the FF. I knew a few people back then, what can I say. I basically gave that movie a 4.5. (Come on, it was live action FF, and they looked the part, and I was being nice.) It has now moved up to a 9.8. That is how sick I am of the new fangled silliness going on with the First Family of Marvel. And here is the link to that as well. IMDB has it at a 3.2. Well, people aren't always right you know. The only FF worse than the new ones, and the one coming, is that 1978 cartoon, where they put that stupid hovering robot Herbie, (and I should be beaten for remembering that name alone), in in place of Johnny, because they thought kids would go out and light themselves on fire. Seriously? The rest of us didn't, why would they.

Anyway, now on to Netflix, and good news. Maybe. I hope.

     Well, what can I say. Sliders anyone? You all know what an alternate reality freak I am, so it shouldn't surprise you to know I loved this movie. It's on Netflix, and I see also at Amazon. Folks, if you liked sliders, or like me and just love the alternate reality stuff, this is your movie. Basic concept is pretty simple. A building is moving between realities, and a bunch of idiots went along for the ride trying to find the dad of two of them. I can't really say much here, because frankly, anything I freaking say is going to give away too much. You just need to watch this. IMDb has it at a 7.1 with 1390 people rating it so far. I give it an 8.5. This was just released on the 3rd of March on Netflix, who I believe it was made for possibly. There needs to be a sequel, and quickly. Nothing said about it yet, but there had better be. Here's the link to the wiki page which gives more info than IMDB, but I wouldn't go there and read it. It gives not the plot, but the whole freaking story almost. Folks, this movie is well worth the watch, believe me. If this is a genre you like.

     Yeah I know. Same feeling here. Here we go again. But maybe this time we'll get it right. Hey, I can hope. Especially with what this is going to lead to. Anyway, it premieres on Net on Friday April 10th. Now then, here is where everything is about to go insane. DD is only the first. We have Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist coming as well, though no dates set yet. Can't say much about Jessica Jones really, but the guy have for Luke looks good. Mike Colter for all who are interested. The guy is 6'3", but his arms could do to be a bit bigger. But I think he'll do. And no, I am not being nice about this either. You all know me. Luke and Danny have always been two of my favorites from Marvel.
     Now then, this all leads us to Phil Coulson. Whether he will be seen, or if it is our Phil I can't say. I'm hoping it is. But he puts a team together of these four, to defend the east coast from people like Hydra and Kingpin. It'll be titled The Defenders. I have one problem with this. DD and Jessica just aren't needed. Sorry to all who are their fans, but with Luke and Danny, it's pretty much covered. Personally, I'm hoping for, but doubt we'll get to see, my boy Dr. Strange show up in Iron Fist. There isn't even anyone listed to play Danny yet though. If I lost anyone here, sorry. I have this habit of referring to Iron Fist by both names. Danny Rand and Iron fist. Sorry for any confusion out there folks. I stopped myself from doing that with Luke and Powerman this time, but I see I did it with Danny again. Oops. No link here folks, as there would be multiple here so I'll just give one. For DD. Since that is first, we'll start with that one. And I'll do my best to keep up and let you all know when the others are premiering. Looks like I'll be keeping Net for awhile doesn't it. Marvel has been costing me money since 1966. I was 3. They owe me some stock options I believe at this point. And some of you as well I am sure. IMDB also has the trailer up for DD.

 Later all.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

There Are More Stars than you can Imagine!

I love thought experiments like this.  Ones that instill awe and thought provoking as well. 

From PBS via the Kim Komando blog is a short film that once again amazes one to just imagine how many stars are visible vs how many are really in the field of view. 

As a gift one year, I received a copy of the deep field experiment which is totally amazing as to how many galaxies ARE out there, even in the most empty part of the sky.

Check it out, you too will be amazed!