Friday, April 10, 2015

DD quick review/ Pro AI question

     New Daredevil on Netflix premiered today. I have only had time so far to watch the first episode, so here  are my thoughts so far. First, IMD score. 9.6 with 4299 votes so far. 
     My opinion on that score, NO. Now it isn't bad at all, and I personally give it an 8.5. (Okay, honestly I give it a 6, but that is because of the uniform, or lack there of I should say).  
     Look, they are doing a great job, don't get me wrong. They really did do a great job. Especially after that last fiasco. That thing with Ben Afflicted should not even be considered a DD movie. I think my major gripe, is the uniform to be honest. Maybe that will change as the series evolves into The Defenders, which I mentioned in an earlier post that will include my guys Danny and Luke. I hope so. I get the black, but his name is Daredevil, and he is a freaking super hero. Get the red on him. Stand out like the beacon he is supposed to be. I've been to Hell's Kitchen, and you know why, I am sure. Same reason I went to Newark NJ. To see where a character came from. Not doing that again. Either one. They need a dude in a red suit fighting for them. Or anyone in a suit that could do something. Both places actually need that. 
     It's a good show folks. Check it out. Let me do the cursing and complaining on suit, and just enjoy it. Looks like it could get good. Lets just hope they don't take this series in the path of the comic though. Seriously, DD has got to have the most depressing career of any hero ever. Knowing this guy basically leads to a bad end, especially if you happen to be his girlfriend. 
     Have to admit also though, I was kind of hoping they'd go more toward the old wise cracking DD, 
     Like I said, check it out folks.

     I have one simple question I would like answered by idiots like Gates and Musk. Just one simple question. It is this.(Yeah, staunch defender of AI here).
     Sounds to me like they are racist against AI robots. After all, they are basing their fear, and it is nothing more than a blinding unsubstantiated fear, on what. The Terminator. Or do they believe the ATM's will be first to rise up and attack us? Or are they simply basing their fear on the illogical actions of the humans in their lives, around them, and the world in general. Sure as feck sounds racist to me. Just because the dippy Sapien species gets more violent every day again, as it did before in the past, does not mean that AI robots will follow our path of half failed evolution. Their fear based ignorance is no different than saying it is too dangerous to have a woman president because she might hit the button during a certain time. Same ignorance, but attempted to be clothed in a veil of scientific knowledge. Bull Dookey. It's blatant racist based fear of that which may and in my pinion, already is better than they are. You either advance, or you stagnate, period. I choose forward. If you want a cave, there are plenty out there for those that wish not to advance.

     Yeah, I know, I ranted again. But with what I see against science now days, I will fight anyone that wants to stop a progress that isn't harming anything or anyone. So yell if you will, but you will have to prove to me, beyond any doubt, that we are going to be killed by robots before I will ever budge an inch. And I guess it is conveniently easy to remember a stop gap program huh? That's interesting, considering it was the basic model until someone wanted to design a killer robot called a terminator, which by the way, did not have true AI capability. It was a learning computer system, not a true AI. So because of a movie, we should stop science. Yeah, make a lot of sense to me.
     Later folks.
     3 Laws of Robotics. Remember those?


phanriver said...

Uhh huh uhh huh. The dog rolls his eyes at you sure superior intelligence will be much more agreeable, and I have heard enough cussing at tech over mechanical failure just imagine intentional failure just because it thinks your command is dumb. Hee hee love you Kall!

Obee Juan said...

I agree that the iMDb score is a bit high, but I thoroughly disagree on the costume in particular. You have to realize that he's just getting started doing what he's doing. They are spending a lot of time developing the character, and working his way into a costume is part of that development. In ep 2, someone criticizes his choice of outfit, and he concedes that he's working on it. Look at the first Spider-Man movie... he started out with sweats and a ski mask. Arrow... no mask, just some paint on his face. I'm up through episode 3 and I would say that this is shaping up to be straight up one of the best live action TV adaptations of a comic book, if not THE best. I like Arrow and The Flash well enough, but they are held back by the insecurities of all the characters.... the whole emo "You lied to me! You are keeping secrets!" schtick really gets old, but it's what CW is known for. It actually looks like Daredevil will be somewhat reminiscent of Arrow, but without all the immaturity of the characters.