Thursday, April 02, 2015

Goodbye FF/ Thanks Netflix

     Yeah, the new one. And I'm done. Once again I see my favorites of Marvel twisted into something that this time is truly unrecognizable as the FF. I don't know who those people are, or what flaming lunacy they came up with this time in order to keep the rights to the FF, (which is exactly what this was by the way), but I'm done. I will not be seeing this one. Goodbye heroes. The Fantastic Four is truly dead. Life sucks. I suffered through the last two, and frankly that was painful enough to my memories. Here's the link folks. I'm personally hoping it goes the way of DBZ Evolution.

     Now that that is over, lets mention the greatest of all Fantastic Four films, done in 1994 by Roger Corman, for a budget of 1.5 million. Did it suck; pretty much yeah. But the characters were the characters, looked like the characters,and the story was of the FF, not this new fangled lunacy that is going on now. This is the one I got hold of long ago when it was being bootlegged, back before the new releases of the FF. I knew a few people back then, what can I say. I basically gave that movie a 4.5. (Come on, it was live action FF, and they looked the part, and I was being nice.) It has now moved up to a 9.8. That is how sick I am of the new fangled silliness going on with the First Family of Marvel. And here is the link to that as well. IMDB has it at a 3.2. Well, people aren't always right you know. The only FF worse than the new ones, and the one coming, is that 1978 cartoon, where they put that stupid hovering robot Herbie, (and I should be beaten for remembering that name alone), in in place of Johnny, because they thought kids would go out and light themselves on fire. Seriously? The rest of us didn't, why would they.

Anyway, now on to Netflix, and good news. Maybe. I hope.

     Well, what can I say. Sliders anyone? You all know what an alternate reality freak I am, so it shouldn't surprise you to know I loved this movie. It's on Netflix, and I see also at Amazon. Folks, if you liked sliders, or like me and just love the alternate reality stuff, this is your movie. Basic concept is pretty simple. A building is moving between realities, and a bunch of idiots went along for the ride trying to find the dad of two of them. I can't really say much here, because frankly, anything I freaking say is going to give away too much. You just need to watch this. IMDb has it at a 7.1 with 1390 people rating it so far. I give it an 8.5. This was just released on the 3rd of March on Netflix, who I believe it was made for possibly. There needs to be a sequel, and quickly. Nothing said about it yet, but there had better be. Here's the link to the wiki page which gives more info than IMDB, but I wouldn't go there and read it. It gives not the plot, but the whole freaking story almost. Folks, this movie is well worth the watch, believe me. If this is a genre you like.

     Yeah I know. Same feeling here. Here we go again. But maybe this time we'll get it right. Hey, I can hope. Especially with what this is going to lead to. Anyway, it premieres on Net on Friday April 10th. Now then, here is where everything is about to go insane. DD is only the first. We have Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist coming as well, though no dates set yet. Can't say much about Jessica Jones really, but the guy have for Luke looks good. Mike Colter for all who are interested. The guy is 6'3", but his arms could do to be a bit bigger. But I think he'll do. And no, I am not being nice about this either. You all know me. Luke and Danny have always been two of my favorites from Marvel.
     Now then, this all leads us to Phil Coulson. Whether he will be seen, or if it is our Phil I can't say. I'm hoping it is. But he puts a team together of these four, to defend the east coast from people like Hydra and Kingpin. It'll be titled The Defenders. I have one problem with this. DD and Jessica just aren't needed. Sorry to all who are their fans, but with Luke and Danny, it's pretty much covered. Personally, I'm hoping for, but doubt we'll get to see, my boy Dr. Strange show up in Iron Fist. There isn't even anyone listed to play Danny yet though. If I lost anyone here, sorry. I have this habit of referring to Iron Fist by both names. Danny Rand and Iron fist. Sorry for any confusion out there folks. I stopped myself from doing that with Luke and Powerman this time, but I see I did it with Danny again. Oops. No link here folks, as there would be multiple here so I'll just give one. For DD. Since that is first, we'll start with that one. And I'll do my best to keep up and let you all know when the others are premiering. Looks like I'll be keeping Net for awhile doesn't it. Marvel has been costing me money since 1966. I was 3. They owe me some stock options I believe at this point. And some of you as well I am sure. IMDB also has the trailer up for DD.

 Later all.

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