Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Cassini's Final Year Will Not Be Idle

Did you know that NASA's Cassini has been working diligently in the Saturn system for 13 years!

Cassini will also end it's mission Sept. 2017 when it will dive straight into Saturn. 

This last year will hardly be idle.  Cassini still needs to complete projects like a flyby of Titan, Saturn's largest moon of which it has made over 125 close passes.

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Friday, December 02, 2016

Stories that Changed the Science Fiction Landscape

Listener Nelson sent me a fascinating web address that posits the 17 books that could have changed the science fiction landscape.

For me, I began reading SF in the early 70s, so the titles that really lit a fire under me were tomes like:

Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delaney - so few people read this powerful work by Delaney which deftly bent reality.... 

Foundation by Isaac Asimov - started me down the Asimov SF super highway which turned out to be a three book series.

Dangerous Visions by Harlan Ellison - I still get flash backs from many of the stories from this and other stories in this volume and follow on volumes.

Dune by Frank Herbert - what else needs saying than just the powerful title. So many works today can pay homage to the ground breaking series of Frank Herbert's Dune.

Check out this article that references some of the most powerful stories in science fiction.                                                             

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BMU #476 Now Online

Beam Me Up episode 476 is now online.  
I  start  with a short story from Dave called Urban Pacifiers which asks the question "What and who will future police be like in the distant future?"

For articles: Marvel has some plans for the end of 2017,  the most recent NASA/ISS crew is due to set some longevity records.

The last short story is a most unusual invasion tale by new contributor  Tristan Fernie called "The Future Happened While We Stared At Our Phones"

Friday, November 25, 2016

David Scholes just sent in a note about his newest story that is available on farther stars than these.

This text version is an excellent read.  Check the link out.

Here’s my latest story on Farther Stars Than These:  http://www.fartherstars.com/search/label/David%20K%20Scholes

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Listener Joe mentioned something of note concerning the most recent NASA crew to the ISS.

Peggy Whitson will be spending her next birthday aboard the ISS.  She will be 57 years old.  The oldest to date had been Barbara Morgan, who was 55 during her tour aboard the station. 

This of course is NOT Whitson's first tour of duty aboard the station.  Whitson first served a duty on the space station in 2012 and has accumulated a total of 377 days in space, plus a history of performing successful spacewalks. 

Aside from being the oldest female astronaut to reach the ISS, Whitson will also break the world record this expedition for the longest time spent in space, a record currently held by NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams with 534 days under his belt.

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