Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lunacy rules us/ and Frieza is scary.

lunacy 1 
         Well, here we go again it seems. First off, the lunacy of this country has ceased to amaze me, and now just nauseatingly disgusts me beyond belief. Yep we’re talking about NASA again, or should I say the idiots that are controlling things, that either have no appreciation or understanding of science, or think it is fake to begin with.
          Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) was named to be the chairman of the Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness. The subcommittee (which was only Space and Science but was recently renamed for the sole purpose of one thing, money and power not science) is in charge of oversight of, among the worst is NASA. We’re screwed people. This idiot refuses to acknowledge science, or climate changing and is locked so far into his mythology, that we may as well go ahead now and pack NASA into mothballs. A climate change denier in charge of a NASA subcommittee. Yeah WTF could go wrong here. And it gets better folks.

Lunacy 2
 That fool in the white house is going to be cutting our budget again apparently and putting all and everything we have accomplished to death.  Here is a direct quote from the article that I will leave the link for below my own rampaging ramblings here.
“The government's current budget proposal for NASA just isn't enough to cover everything, said James Green, head of NASA's Planetary Science Division. Green noted that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the veteran Red Planet robot, the Opportunity rover, are now zeroed out in President Obama's NASA budget for fiscal year 2016.”
Sorry people, but nothing here should be cut. And cut for what? So we can ship everything to silliness and ignorance that mean nothing compared to what NASA can do. I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it now. There is a movement in this country, to stop and deny science and scientific advancement. You hear them screaming their idiocy every day. Indiana as one example, and AZ’s idiot for mandatory mythology attendance is leaving me wondering if science in this country is even going to have a chance soon. These fools want the dark ages back so bad, then let them ha d over their tech, their clothing (developed from tech), all tools, and move into a cave somewhere where their silliness can provide for them. They neither want, nor need science. That has been proven by them, so prove it all the way. Live without science or tech in any way. That means no planting either. Let’s see how long these people last getting what they want. Yeah, I'm getting madder as I think about it. Extremely so.
Here’s the link to the original article on , well, where else, Space.com.

          Now then, to end quickly what will be a 10,000 word raving lunatic rant, and end with me running amok, I am moving on to better news and info.

          Yep, the next movie is on  the way folks, and Akira is involved all the way this time. And I am sure all followers know what the F is, but if you don’t, it freaking Frieza again. This time really powered up. My biggest problem is how they seem to want to keep making my man Piccolo weaker in every movie now. It’s bull. But I’ll be there anyway. Always am. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the latest trailer, here’s the link to the YouTube site for it. I do believe we are going to get hurt this time. Badly. I think quite a few of us may end up dead this time, and maybe for good. Anyway, enjoy, or worry, whatever. Here’s your link fellow DragonBallers.

Out of time here folks, so my movie review list and other info on Netflix will be up here later tonight, or tomorrow. And Paul, finally regained enough energy all the time to start really regaining it next week. I’ll let you all know if T25 actually works like it says or not. In about a month or so. But I’m getting my damn strength back. All of it, or die trying. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Opportunity Rover Completes Marathon

NASA's wonder rover Opportunity has set yet another benchmark, one that should prove difficult to copy by any of its contemporaries.  Opportunity, it seems, has set a very high bar by completing   a marathon distance of better than 26 miles, and doing so in 11+ years to boot! (the rover is a bit on the, dare I say, curious side and managed to stop and explore many times)  

The rover (which has long since passed the "best used by" date) set the mark during a drive of 153 feet.

According to the NASA post:
  • Opportunity became the long-distance champion of all off-Earth vehicles, Last year, when it topped the previous record set by the former Soviet Union's Lunokhod 2 moon rover.
  • Opportunity's original three-month prime mission in 2004 yielded evidence of environments with liquid water soaking the ground and flowing on planet’s surface. As the rover continued to operate far beyond expectations for its lifespan, scientists chose the rim of Endeavour Crater as a long-term destination. Since 2011, examinations of Endeavour's rim have provided information about ancient wet conditions less acidic, and more favorable for microbial life, than the environment that left clues found earlier in the mission
Continue reading the NASA article HERE 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Will Ferrell Sings the Star Trek Theme...

Totally outrageous!  Will Ferrell sings the original Star Trek Theme....That's right, sings.....

Beam Me Up episode 442 Deep Web - David Scholes + IPS #34 - Jason Kahn

Hi and welcome to this week’s episode of Beam Me Up.  This is episode 442.

Area of discussion this episode is quantum mechanic’s proofs and the many worlds conjecture as a results of one area of quantum “proofs”

I start this episode with a musical name “The Right Time” which was the closing theme for the anime series Paraclete.

The first story this afternoon is episode 34 of Jason Kahn’s “In Plain Sight”

From there, I head it over to the blog for Beam Me Up. This episode starts with the quantum many worlds idea, which is bizarre enough on it’s own right, but when combined with a mathematical proof system, its then that things get well, weird.

I talk for a moment about the “proof of concept” film “Sundays” which of its own right is a wicked powerful as well as a compilation of all that made the sci fi adventure flick entertaining.

There is now mounting proof that super-nova are indeed the things planets are made of.  A lot of them!

I found an app that shows all the cyber – well – attack activity around the world and how much is pointed straight at the USA!  Not just government but private institutions as well!

and the final story this afternoon is from David Scholes called Deep Web.  A strange and weird story about very very deep web sites.

And That is it for episode 442!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nine of the Wierdest Implications of Quantum Mechanics Many Worlds Interpretation

Are there any of you out there that are not at least conversational on the "Many World Interpretation of  the rarefied mathematical field  Quantum Math"

Monday, March 23, 2015

Short Proof of Concept Film "Sundays" by Mischa Rozema

Wow, check this short out that I found while perusing some of my favorite sites.

On Sploid, this is the blurb they wrote about this short:
  •  Take a big bowl. Add one cup of The Matrix, two table spoons of Inception, and a few drops of District 9 essence. Whisk it up until even and you'll get Sundays: A proof-of-concept short film directed by Mischa Rozema that, hopefully, will soon be turned into a feature. 
I have to agree here.  The short is wonderful and is so much more than what has been said so far.  Check it out!


Sploid link here

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Supernova May Indeed be the Stuff Planets Are Made of......

An international group of scientists, using data obtained from NASA's SOFIA, an infrared observatory, have concluded that  supernova do indeed output enough material for planetary formation.

The groups observations reveal a particular cloud produced by a supernova explosion 10,000 years ago. The cloud contains enough dust to make 7,000 Earths.  

The researchers had evidence that a supernova’s outward-moving shock wave can produce huge amounts of dust. The question was - would the dust continue to spread, after encountering the interstellar medium - or be pushed back into the relative vicinity of the supernova. 

The team found that The dust survived the initial shock waves from the supernova event and continued "flowing into the interstellar medium where it can become part of the ...  material for new stars and planets..."

Check out the complete NASA article HERE

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ongoing Cyber Attacks Around the World

I read Kin Komando's breaking news every morning.  Often to check out the cool Sites or apps.  Today in the cool sites was a page compiled by Norse Viking.  It is supposed to show all of the cyber attacks, originating and destination.   It is a fascinating- check it out here -


Episode 441 of Beam Me Up is no online!

Wow, episode 441! Who knew?

This week I open with a foot tapping piece from Ingrid Michaelson called "Time Machine" and if it doesn't get a foot tapping, your dead!

The first story for the day is from Michael Juby called Timothy's Offensive Life.  A bit of a change up that you are sure to enjoy.

From the blog  Finally a representation of light's dual states.  I do a couple of reviews.  First is "Earth to Echo"    The Dawn spacecraft has arrived at Ceres.

Second movie review is "Wolf Children" is so much better than Earth to Echo.

Wow, have you seen the new promo pic of Super Girl?

"New Generation" by David Scholes is the final story for the afternoon.  Hope you enjoy

Episode 441 of Beam Me Up

Monday, March 09, 2015

TV Promo Pic of the New Super Girl

Topless Robot posted this juicy tidbit of the newest Super Girl franchise

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Review: Wolf Children

Daughter, Yuki tells the story of her mother Hana who falls in love with a werewolf  and has two half-werewolf children with him.  Soon after the boy Ame's birth, their father is killed. 

Hana soon finds out that the children  Yuki and Ame can  switch between their human and wolf forms, and Hana has to hide them from the world.  Hana moves the family to the countryside.  

Soon Yuki is  begging her mother to let her go to school like other children. Hana accepts on the condition that Yuki keeps her werewolf nature secret.  Ame, on the other hand,  Arne is more interested in the forest, and spends most of his time in the forest, learning about survival in the wild.

The film ends as Yuki ends her narration describing Ame's choice to remain in the forest, as a wolf while Yuki moves back to the city where Yuki  is now a teen entering Jr. high school.  And Hana, living alone in the old house in the country, reflects on her life with the wolf children as magical. 

I really got lucky getting a chance to view this fine anime movie.  It really is magical.   The wolf here are very believable much as those in Wolf's Rain say.  Director Mamoru Hosoda could have gone for the cheap tear jerker but instead deftly and calmly  slides through the high moment as well, leaving the viewer calm but interested in what comes next.   All but for the end, when you realize that people that you have come to appreciate in the few short minutes you have been with them, are drawing nie. Because it is ultimately a good feeling ending, one where you wish all, best of luck. 

How would I rate Wolf Children?  There has to be a 9 out of 10 in the mix,  Spirited Away is in the same block, as is The Girl who Leaped  Through Time  to mane only a few.   My suggestion would be to find it and watch it.  If you like anime and like a well crafted  anime movie,  then you really can not go wrong with Wolf Children.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Dawn Arrives at Ceres

Mission controllers have confirmed that the planetary exploration spacecraft Dawn has entered orbit around the largest object in the asteroid belt, Ceres. 

review:Earth to Echo

Review: Earth to Echo

Directed by Dave Green


Teo Halm as Alex Nichols
Brian "Astro" Bradley as Tuck Simms
Reese Hartwig as Reginald "Munch" Barrett
Ella Wahlestedt as Emma

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Is Light a Particle or a Wave?

Now there is a question that drove many scientists over the hill and completely around the corner.

Einstein really threw in a wrench when he proposed that light consisted of both particles and waves but the kicker was that only one state could be represented at a time as both states collapse even though only one is being "viewed".

It now seems that restriction is a thing of the past.  Scientists at the EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) have succeeded in capturing light’s wave-particle duality, in a what can only be described as tremendously exciting first-ever image.

Monday, March 02, 2015

BMU #440 is now online "Goodbye Mr Spock"

This week I start with the less than enviable task of marking the passing of science fiction's most favored son, Leonard Nimoy, known to a whole generation as Mr. Spock, of Enterprise and Star Trek fame.

To catch my breath, I play the closing music to the anime series "Good Luck Girl".  I don't know about you, but I needed something kick ass, just to get running again.

Next, I trundle back to the blog for some other articles of interest.

First off, papers have been filed with arguments against there being a Big Bang.   NASA's Dawn spacecraft is just a few days out from Ceres.  I found an article where on the surface it seems like such a simple and straight-forward question.  Given that there were no obstacles, would you take a trip into space?

Finally our story for the after-noon is a spooky tale of loneliness and wish fulfillment.