Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nine of the Wierdest Implications of Quantum Mechanics Many Worlds Interpretation

Are there any of you out there that are not at least conversational on the "Many World Interpretation of  the rarefied mathematical field  Quantum Math"

Put simply, to make certain "truths" work is for each of the possibilities to be true at the same time and exist at the same time.   Plus, if both are right then it follows that both are false.  Since this clearly can not happen an alternate "universe" must be created where the "truths" are indeed true or false.  The thought experiment then followed that for every choice you make, an equally true "anti-choice" would also be created. 

Now the above could also be considered   an "interpretation".   George Dvorsky over at IO9 wrote an interesting article documenting 9 of the weirdest many world interpretations.   Here are a few:

1) We Live in a Multiverse of Gargantuan Proportions
  • It's often taken for granted by cosmologists that the world we observe is the only one, hence the "uni" in universe. 
  • The primary assertion of the MWI is that all of existence is composed of a quantum superposition of an uncountably large — or even infinite — number of universes. If this interpretation of existence is true, then there must be an absolutely astounding number of alternate worlds.
  • (Could it be that out universe is just one of many  floating on an infinite cosmic "foam" pac/editor)
2) The Single "YOU" is an Illusion
  • In the "many worlds" the single "you" doesn't exist. In reality, for every pocket universe, there is also an exponentially expanding set of instances of "you" that are branching off with every action or choice. In fact we are not individuals, but rather as multiplicities.
3) There Are Countless Yous
  • As #2 hinted at, if the Multi-Worlds is true, then there must be a near-infinite (or infinite!) number of versions of you.
Look to the ORIGINAL IO9 article for the complete article HERE


btonym said...

Let me know if one of my alternate selves comments. I would like to know his take on the subject. Then again, he might be in one of those Multiple Worlds where the theory of Multiple Worlds doesn't exist. Heck, maybe I didn't even write this. Eek!

Beam Me Up said...

But that is just that btonym...you are most likely to strongly appose ANY of his views....and more than likely the person would also be female making an argument with yourself even more likely. One wonders if we would even recognize our quantum doppelganger. Look mayhaps for the most vile and contentious person you can and that waste of human flesh is quite possibly your quantum double.....

kallamis said...

Well, not sure about a few things with multiverse theories. What i use here in my game, basically to make life simple is this system.
Universe is just that, but each universe has countless dimensions of alternate realities of itself. However, not all choices create a seperate reality universe, (or dimension) but only an alternate timeline, and timelines do not have to be of a separate dimension exactly. They would simply be another version of the timeline running concurrently with our own, till a certain point. Basically, a shadow timeline. So not an alternate dimension per say, but only a separate timeline which could conceivably be destroyed, or even altered into creating another dimension, thereby removing that time stream screwup from anyone using it to their advantage, or destroying the original realm and placing that one in it's place. Yeah, my RPG games here get a little wonky at times, so I protected myself and my worlds from lunatic gamers using this concept. After losing an entire universe, you figure out how to protect them from time and dimensional hopping morons.

Beam Me Up said...

see that is where some reality systems break down. Each universe can ONLY HAVE ONE TIMELINE. So in saying that a choice creates a universe where that choice was not made can just as easily be a timeline where the choice is note made. The universe is a collection of all things physical, not any and all things. There for it can only maintain one timeline (dimensions may be open to discussion)

Beam Me Up said...

You know Kall I just had a thought on this subject. The idea that each subsequent alternate realities or timelines, whatever we agree to call them. It seems I heard this analogy on alternates a while ago...That initially yes an alternate could and would be able to make significant changes, but then every subsequent iteration would be less likely or able to effect a significant change. This would lead me to speculate that our universe is, instead of being the main effector is instead far down the line where certain sciences should work, don't and anyone who has run a fractal math sequence clearly sees symmetry where chaos should reign. Look at the graphics that are spawned by the math and you can not help but see new universes budding off the first, but run the math on the first and there are even huger one before your starting point! So very very weird and wonderful.