Monday, March 23, 2015

Short Proof of Concept Film "Sundays" by Mischa Rozema

Wow, check this short out that I found while perusing some of my favorite sites.

On Sploid, this is the blurb they wrote about this short:
  •  Take a big bowl. Add one cup of The Matrix, two table spoons of Inception, and a few drops of District 9 essence. Whisk it up until even and you'll get Sundays: A proof-of-concept short film directed by Mischa Rozema that, hopefully, will soon be turned into a feature. 
I have to agree here.  The short is wonderful and is so much more than what has been said so far.  Check it out!


Sploid link here


Anonymous said...

The kind of emptiness that suicidal

people fight.

Beam Me Up said...

anom, I will have to admit that I am having a bitch of a time following. Elaborate?

oh and if you want to be taken seriously, drop the anonymous. You can use a pseudo-id, but dont you think anom is kinda weak?