Wednesday, April 29, 2015

After traveling more than 3 billion miles, NASA's New Horizon probe was woken by controllers fro it's most recent 'nap'.  As a side note, New Horizons has spent most of the trip hibernating in 18 controlled naps which NASA says will help preserve the probe's systems.

Since it woke, the craft has used its various cameras to photograph Pluto.  Here however is New Horizon's first color picture of Pluto and it largest moon Charon.

New Horizon's schedule has it doing a high speed flyby in mid June of this year.  The probe is already closer to Pluto than Earth is to the Sun.


kallamis said...

See. It's a little planet with a big brother. I rest my case.

Beam Me Up said...

It does not have a circular orbit, has far from cleared its orbit of debris and I am willing to bet that when new horizons gets close enough we shall see that Pluto has not been able to pull itself into a sphere.
Pluto....not sorry rest my case