Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shannara/for fecks sake & Hero returning

     Just found this out ten minutes ago by looking up people from bad movies on Netflix. Or good movies in this case. Here's how this happens for those interested. Those not, skip on to next paragraph. This one gets a bit stupid. Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Looked up guy I knew was from Power Rangers SPD. (Brandon Jay McLaren, also was in Falling Skies). Etc Etc and 6 jumps later (after somehow ending up on sliders), I came upon a nightmare waiting to show itself.
     Great idea. Been waiting forever on this. (Yeah, kind of like a truly decent FF movie). Problem one here is simple. MTV is involved. Problem two. The git they have playing Allanon. The guy isn't even six feet tall. And this is going to be a series. (Watch it do great with idiots that won't read.) And the guy playing Wil is six feet. So not only do we not cast anyone comparable to the part, we'll probably get rap music in the middle of a fantasy post Earth scenario that is so far from our time that any music of our day would have been long forgotten and looked upon as something terrible at the least.Yeah folks, Shannara is Earth. The only redeeming aspect of this thing at the moment is, and even this isn't right, is John Ryhs-Davies as Eventine. I love the guy, but an Elf he is not. And yeah, I get filming techniques, but here is a cheaper and better idea. Get people that fit the freaking part.
     So lets get this straight. Reed is now a spoiled brat looking dink, Daredevil looks like Zorro, (not to mention total lack of weapons); (( Still haven't gotten to episode 2 folks, so don't scream at me yet, and only here by staying up later than possible at this moment to rant on this Shannara Lunacy)), and Elves are now fat bearded short guys. I get Elves being numerous ways by legend. Short, tall, fighters, tricksters, etc. As stated, I love him, but an Elf he is not. Not by any legend or myth on this world. Not here or in Europe or Asia. And definitely not by Shannara standards. 

     Good news now. Rick And Morty are rturning soon. And the first images are now available to the secong season, including Ricks new tag line. Heh heh heh. I love this show. Anyway folks, Rick and his grandson are scheduled to be back in June, and it is about freaking time too. Here's a link to a site with the Adult Swim release. Not colorized yet, and just images with voices but well worth watching for all and any fans of a great anime series. So "Wubba dubba dub luv, (or howwever that smeg smells it)  "Lick my ....."
     Later all. Hahahahaha.
     I love Rick. (Not the Walking Dead moron).

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