Saturday, April 04, 2015

Review: Dark Fury

Vin Diesel            as Richard B. Riddick
Rhiana Griffith    as Jack
Keith David         as Imam Abu al-Walid
Roger L. Jackson as Junner
as well as others

Question:  Are you a fan of the Riddick universe timeline?  Well if so then you are painfully aware that there is a a hole big enough to walk through in the Riddick universe time - line.

Right after Pitch Black is The Chronicles of Riddick which leaves a five year span of time that The Chronicles of Riddick makes no attempt at back filling.  To that end  Dark Fury (a straight to dvd, animated feature) attempts to fill in the first part of the five year lapse.

Accompanying Riddick  is the Imam and 'Jack'.

Without giving away too much, Riddick is taken prisoner by another mercenary / bounty hunter spacecraft.  The bounty hunter plans on freezing Riddick and turning him in for a sizable bounty.   Riddick of course has different ideas. 

I could elaborate but I risk giving away way to much of the plot.  I will say for an animated feature the plot line is damn  good.  I think that if you are looking for a good plot, well acted voice work (Vin is an accomplished voice actor) and excellent 3d animation and art, then you will not be disappointed with Dark Fury.

Unfortunately Dark Fury is tightly targeted to it's audience.  If you are not familiar with the Riddick universe or a Riddick, the chances are good that you will find the film a bit on the confusing side.  But if you are a fan, you will surely have a fun time.

It is for these reservations that I can only give the film a 7.  Fans will love it but a Riddick noob will be left a bit cold.

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