Wednesday, July 02, 2008

RIP Don "General Hammond" Davis

On the list of things that make you just say..."oh crap, that just plain sucks!" is the news of actor Don Davis' passing. For years, Davis was the steadying influence counter-balancing the over the top nuttiness of Richard Dean Anderson. Don Davis' most recognizable character was Stargate SG-1's Major General George Hammond which played for 10 seasons on the Sci-fi channel. The General Hammond character was a part of the cast from 1997 – 2004. Curiously enough, Stargate was not the first time Anderson and Davis worked together. Their first pairing was during Anderson's program McGuiver where Davis played a stunt double. Davis of course was no stranger to the "General" persona that he played so well. He played Major Garland Briggs on the television series Twin Peaks from 1990 to 1991. Davis' last Stargate appearance will be in the DVD movie Stargate: Continuum.

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