Sunday, July 27, 2008

ABC family's The MiddleMan on it's way out?

TVSquad is reporting that ABC Family tv has just cut it's order of MiddleMan episodes from 13 to 12 which can not be viewed as a good thing. If you haven't caught it yet, The Middle Man is a quirky Batman and Robin (really not even close) hero side kick type of "ridding Gotham of nerdowells" But instead of spandex wearing super heros or black suit MIB types, the city is being saved by middle managment type. The situational comedy is good, the banter is fast and smart and the tech is deliciously geekie. The network has been getting good reviews and great fan mail but the ratings are described as sub stellar. But the word on the street is that the show has not been canceled as of yet but the plan is to put their efforts into a big season ender.

Lets keep our fingers crossed there Middle Fans

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