Monday, July 21, 2008

Cow Flatulence's Effect on Green House Gas / Global Warming

Is this science fiction? ummm well yes in an odd parallel universe kind of thing. What we are looking at is a cow gas tank or bag. Is the cow now running on gas you might ask. And aren't you ever so clever to ask, umm but no, it would seem that we could be running our "gas" guzzlers on what's in the bag, for you see, what isn't shown is where the other end of the bag is inserted and I have studiously refrained from explaining why said cow is wearing a pink bag. And if you didn't know by now my perchance towards scatalogical humor, you begin to relized my hurculean restraint.

From Make Magazine online:

  • Well, they could use it for power. Physorg writes that Argentine scientists are capturing cow farts in plastic backpacks to try to understand the impact it has on global warming. They think that "30% of Argentina's total greenhouse gases could be generated by cattle.
And from Reuters, just in case you thought I was making this up: Cow Fart Study


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