Monday, July 07, 2008

RIP, Thomas M Disch

Ok, this goes down as you have got to be fuckin kiddin me! Thomas M. Disch, who's closest acquaintances said he was troubled and difficult as well as brilliant, passed away July 4th 2008. If you want sensationalism, go somewhere else, I ain't playin. Cory Doctorow writes about his life and passing as best as anyone can be expected to. That's worth reading <here>

Disch's wiki lists: Hugo Award for best related book in 1999, and he had two other Hugo nominations and nine Nebula Award nominations to his credit, plus one win of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award,

The most notable works by Disch that come to mind is the Hugo winning The Brave Little Toaster which for some reason just continues to stick with me and his computer game Amnesia which was my first foray into text adventure in the late 80s. I would like to say that I liked Camp Concentration but the book was so very dark and disturbing in places that one couldn't read it in one go, but it pieces after you steel yourself for another go.

His last blog entry raved of sticker shock about the cost of meals and speculated on how teens must have to get by with such high cost. His listed website is down though.

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