Thursday, July 03, 2008

Exploding Asteroid May Have Killed Off Mammoth & Humans!

13 thousand years ago may have been a very bad time for North American Mammoth and early human inhabitants of the north American continent. Geological evidence found in Ohio and Indiana recently is strengthening the case suggesting that a phase of extinction for animals and humans at the end of the last Ice Age was a cataclysmic comet or asteroid explosion over top of Canada. The theory puts forth that an object exploded just above the earth’s surface over Canada, producing a massive shock wave and a super-heated wave that set large parts of the northern hemisphere ablaze. Some of the most telling evidence is samples of diamonds, gold and silver found in sites in Ohio and Indiana are from deposits in Canada. The only plausible scenario for explaining their presence this far south- researches say - is this type of cataclysmic explosive event.

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