Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Disease Mongering - New Low - Statin Drugs For 8-Year-Olds!

We keep thinking that Saunders "MallCity" is just too nightmarish to ever come true and then comes billboards that can tell when your looking at them, plans to pipe audio straight into your brain and video right into your eyes, tech to keep track of you all the time everywhere, and you have to say, well maybe its "possible". Well possible just met now with this newest low: Statin Drug push for 8 year old children! In an article in Natural News : In the latest example of absurd disease mongering, the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee has announced that infants as young as two years old need to be screened for high cholesterol, and children as young as eight years old should be put on prescription statin drugs.

Oh it gets better: This absurd advice is being offered even though statin drugs have never been tested on young children. And your thinking "oh but the government and the FDA will never allow something this atrocious to happen!" Dream on! The FDA has granted approval for the use of such drugs on children as young as eight!

Go to NaturalNews to read the rest, but unless your living in a cave you understand exactly whats going on here and MallCity is again 2 steps closer.


daveawayfromhome said...

A) The government, especially under the BushCorp, waves it's baboon ass in the air for any large corporation. This has been true since Reagan redefined the roll of government from Protector of the People to Encourager of the Economy (i.e., What's Good For Business Is Good For America).
B) Why bother with a healthy lifestyle and proper diet when there are pills to make it all better. (talk about your difference between science and magic!)

paul said...

EXACTLY!!! people will believe the hoariest of rumors and then blindly take any medication that is dispensed by anyone in a lab coat. The buzzwords now amongst my peers is not new tech any longer but who is the first to take a newly released med. Since when is "So what are you taking now?" a conversational opener?

Shaun A. Saunders said...

I agree with you both, not surprisingly - Paul, am I correct in saying that you might have a story link to this article in next weekend's BMU show?

What a world, when, from the perspective of health, it's apparently all downhill from about 2yrs of age... :-(

Paul said...

Oh yes, dove and tail fit to this article. I had been hoping that something would come along that would fit well with the story I have but the truth be told, the news is more frightening than the story.