Monday, July 07, 2008

First Artificial DNA Molecule Built

Chemists in Japan report development of the world's first DNA molecule made almost entirely of artificial parts. Clearing the way for nano-sized computers and gene therapy. The researchers used high-tech DNA synthesis equipment to sequence four entirely artificial bases inside the sugar-based framework of a DNA molecule. The result? A very stable structure resembling natural DNA.

Ahhh but I am not buying the "gene therapy" line for one second. And as for nano computers? Well what about the nano wires that can store 3 bits of information? That pretty much obsoletes the nano/dna logic path if I am not correct. I know I must be treading into the paranoid fringe here but I see a Dr. Moreauish second class life-form looming. This kind of tech is going to be drawn to money like moths to flame.

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