Thursday, July 24, 2008

VanRoble's Jedi Gym

Fan fiction of any genre is often a mixed bag. As a general rule, both the producer and the fan have to be pretty fanatical for the whole exercise to work. Then, at odd intervals, comes a "home made" work that not only stands on the shoulders of giants, but stacks a few up just to improve the view. So it was when I received a recommendation to view a short film of "fan" Star Wars by VanRoble. What we are treated to, at the start, is a very competent documentary style short film, recording the "life changing" events of a Star Wars fan fulfilling his dream of running a gym for other Star Wars fans to help them become better umm fans. Its all very quirky, geeky and a bit sad. The laughs that do come seem to be completely unintentional. Then reality takes a paradyne shift and all hell breaks loose. That alone would be brilliantly enough, but when the "Oh My God"s have died off a bit, reality takes another side step. VanRoble manages to set up the premise for this short three times to give you a 360 degree vista of altered reality, lol his yours and someone else. And he does it in 6 minutes! Enjoy!

My favorite line in the film "I knew the force was real....just not this real!"

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