Monday, July 21, 2008

Moon Astronauts May Have a GPSesk System When They Return

Gizmodo reports that the next astronauts to visit the moon will have one travel guide that the previous visitors didn't. A Global Positioning system. The new positioning system being developed by Ohio State researcher Ron Li will "rely on signals from a set of sensors including lunar beacons, stereo cameras, and orbital imaging sensors" to simulate GPS. NASA has awarded a $1.2 million grant to develop the LASOIS system over the next three years, in hopes that it will help the astronauts explore the lunar surface with a greater degree of confidence and be able to range further afield.
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wolfkahn said...

Very cool. It should greatly improve efficiency. Of course, now when an author wants to write a Heinlein-esque lost on the moon novel , they'll have to have a scene where the hero falls and breaks his GPS.

Paul said...

oh damn! I thought it was a pretty cool idea, but it obviates so many good stories! crap!