Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tons of free e-books at

You know I have been pushing TOR books free e-books and harping on EOS for how hard it is to get them off their system and I have been totally spacing one of the best places to get really good classic fiction to up to date material. Not only short works but novels. What am I talking about? Well thanks to Dave Tackett's QuasarDragon site, I was once again reminded of QuasarDragon was listing Darren R. Hawkins' 2003 Science Fiction novel From the Hands of Hostile Gods and it got me searching around again and I was once again amazed at how much is available. Plus I have to say, it is SO much easier to find what you want and then just download and read it. Some of these ebook sites really need to look at how it is done right.


wolfkahn said...

Manybooks is just amazing; I love it. Of course Project Gutenberg is also great, and Feedbooks and Munseys are good too.

And bless all Science Fiction (and other genre) writers who make any of their works freely available in text and/or audio formats.

And a pox on evil corporations who lobby for infinite length copyrights to protect their stupid mouse! (The duck is funnier anyway)

omegathenovel said...

Manybooks is an awesome resource. Had never heard of it. Thanks for letting me in on it.