Monday, July 07, 2008

Quazar Dragon - good source of online material

You know how I am when it comes to finding good quality fiction online. Since I first started BMU I have dug in every dark little corner I can to find material to read and read on the program. So when I find sites like Speculative Fiction online I really feel I have struck gold. So you can understand why I really like QuazarDragon. I have been finding really good articles here but the main focus of the site is free fiction. So if you good eclectic mix of news and free fiction, check the site out (here). Well laid out and good looking.


wolfkahn said...

Thanks Paul!

Beam Me Up said...

The site reflects a lot of work and it truly a great resource. I know I have picked up some good stuff. But what sold me was when I quoted an article listed there and Boing Boing picked it up. Something very sweet about scooping the big guys! lol