Thursday, July 31, 2008

What do The Matrix and Cowboy Bebop have in Common?

Get ready to open a vein Bebop fans....Keanu Reeves. For those of you not in the know, Cowboy Bebop is a hugely popular Anime science fiction series. The name is a bit of a misnomer, there are no cowboys, but instead a rag tag crew of a run down ship very much in the FireFly vein. The crew are a bit bounty hunter, problem solvers but all very enigmatic in personality. I have never been able to even figure out Fred's biological sex! lol. With nothing written in stone as of yet, the rumor mill has it that Reeves would be playing Spike.
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wolfkahn said...

I LOVE Cowboy Bebop!!!! I'm worried about a live action version, though. No one on Earth is cool enough to play spike (and Reeves is too old to play a 27 year old).

Radical Edward is a 12 year girl (she named herself) and in the show "cowboy" is slang for bounty hunter.

(Told you I loved it).

Paul said...

Really? I don't remember that, kinda changes all the other episodes. lol but then I kinda expected Edward was a girl. As for Spike, I think your dead on. The original reviewer thought it would work, but I really don't think Reeves is the deal. Cyberpunk yeah, but not spike. I think a live action of this classic would be really difficult and that would mean thinning down the plot and probably the action. Neither sounds attractive to me. I really love this series. I would love to get a copy of the closing song. I love it!

Beam Me Up said...

Wolfkahn just did me a solid! This is what he wrote in a not to me:

>The closing theme is "The Real >Folk Blues" and the full version >is at the top of the page


>I have no idea what the rest of >the stuff at that site is. It's >probably apathyware (i.e. nobody >knows; nobody cares what its U.S. >status is).

>I love the music from the show >too. (Bet you anything they screw >that up if the movie really gets >made!)


Sweet Dave! I am so going to play that on the next show with the news article. I am not promoting anything here, but if anyone wanted to hear what the whole song was about, this is a golden chance.