Sunday, December 30, 2012

BMU_246 Call Me Joe con - Poul Anderson

After my opening monologue concerning talking animals in entertainment plus a comment concerning a Burt Lancaster movie called Swimmer I play a couple of excerpts from Earth Sky.

from the blog

Barry sends in info talking about a Star Wars Christmas television special, honest and yes we have links to the documentary and half of the star War Christmas special. Oh my... 

NASA has a new deep space z1 space suit that bears a  strong resemblance to ummm well Buzz Lightyear! No kidding!   

From MIT come the news of a "quantum"computer. More to the  point a hybrid, and this configuration would vastly speed the or reduce the power consumption of the average pc. The speed  comes for the quantum states (which seems to be 500 or more,  but more on that later) and do it with far less wattage. 

What if dinos were still around, would you eat one? If so, which would be a good choice? I discuss this subject from a Pop Sci article.

 Oh, since the world didn't end would you believe that instead of despondency they only figure that it must have been the wrong day for the apocalypse  And speaking of quantum computers, I talk about an article where scientists from the USA and China are working on a system to identify quantum states and boy are there a lot of them!

And finally I play the last part of Poul Anderson's Call Me Joe

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