Saturday, December 08, 2012

Another Darwin Award Nomination...

Every now and then I hear of a person who by some odd twist of fate have managed to exclude themselves from being a Darwin Award alumni.  It is clear however that souls are neither of a higher order or extremely lucky, no, far from it.  Often these should have been misanthropes one head bang away from compete idiocy, case in point, let me introduce Portsmouth  NH resident Scott Pipher,  who reported that an Old Orchard Beach prostitute of shorting him 10 minutes.( Yes, that OOB.  Maine has had its share lately of prostitute drama, and yes I know Mr. Strong)

The police blotter said Pipher called police on March 25 and complained that the woman he hired did “not give him his money's worth” by cutting their time together by ten minutes.

As comical as that sounds, it gets better when Pipher was arrested a short time later for engaging in prostitution!  Oh it gets better!

It would seem that there is an internet database for use by "escorts" which is kind of a bad boy or black list of clients.  According to the article Pipher:
  • is described as being “notorious for booking out-calls and then not answering his door or phone
Sadly Pipher is not completely alone in this idiotic behavior.  It seems that police had become familiar with his misdeeds.  According to a police report, a woman called and complained that Pipher had reserved her services for a private dance, but he refused to answer the door when she arrived.  

From the Seacoast Online article:  
  • The dancer claimed it was a theft of her services, but police Capt. Mike Schwartz countered it wasn't a theft because she never danced
You can not make this stuff up! The future of the human race is bleak indeed if these brain-trusts are the future!

If you doubt me at all, check out the Seacoast Online article here

So I humbly nominate Scott Pipher  for a future Darwin award. 


Zach said...

Really?!? Wow. My mind, she is blown.

Beam Me Up said...

I know Jach! They can't be thinking thing through! They can't even have that little voice in the back of their head that is saying "If I do this thing I will be the biggest douche ever! That alone would be enough to stop the average person from steppin on their junk.

kallamis said...

This is another of those that would try to stay dry pissing into a hurricane.
Really, it makes you wonder how some people dress themselves sometimes.

Beam Me Up said...

hell forget sometimes, and substitute constantly amazed! And I am still wondering what kind of a turn on it is to call hookers and then not open the door?!

oooooooooh baby! Yeah that's it! knock real loud! Oh yeah, you know what I like!....

Nope...don't get it..