Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review : Btoom! anime series

Anyone ever catch the latest Predator movie? The last one remember? Where
people wake up not knowing where they are or why. Periodically a c130 flies over and drops supplies. You "win" when you destroy the mysterious alien bent on killing you. This is where the review gets a little strange because to some extent I have been describing the anime series Btoom! In Btoom! Main character Ryōta wakes up hanging in a parachute harness. Once free he finds that everyone he meets wants to kill him. There are no guns or knives but different "flavors" of hand thrown explosive. Ryōta is know a one of the best players of an online game called "Btoom" and strangely enough the island and the online game seem to mirror each other. Ryōta realizes that if he plays the game on the island he may be able to go home. Throughout the first few episodes Ryōta gains allies and begins to think that he might be able to get back. The only downside is each player wears a crystal embedded in their hand. when they dye the crystal releases. When you have killed 8 other players you can get off the island. Btoom! is much better than I make it out to be. The plot is far superior to the regular anime angst in high school. The premise keeps you attention and the action, though sometimes ultra violent, leave you in anticipation of the next installment. Though I might want to warn some of the faint of heart, the Mature warning is not all for the violence. There are some very adult situations as well. Many of the "players" on the island feel that the isolation is carte blanche on any type of behavior. It soon becomes evident why the women trapped on the island and forced to play, do not trust men at all. Well it soon is clear to all that the people on the island were chosen for their playing ability of Btoom! With many in fact knowing each other! I thought this series very inventive and entertaining in many ways. I would give it an 8.5 just wondering why some of the theme items are REAL close to the Predator movie. Nit picking I know. Watch it, you will not be disapointed!

Oh, and the ending is way wide open!  Only 12 episodes and almost none of the strings are tied up!


kallamis said...

Wish I could find this dubbed. I hate reading while watching, I always miss something and have to rewind.
Though I must admit, that subbed is usually a lot closer than dubbed is. Sometimes dubbed just gets silly as all get out.

Beam Me Up said...

I tell you why I like it subbed, first off, all the things said about subbed being better, but I also find myself picking up the language. I know that is lame, but it is true! Lame but true!

Beam Me Up said...

The sad thing is that none of the Apollo missions came within a row of ass holes of either of the poles, and no one can see why it would be good to return there...