Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Real Zombies Among Us!

Xnewsman send in an absolutely horrific article from the New York Time that reports on the current issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology which deals with the naturally occurring zombies in nature!

 For the Doubting Thomas' among you, should be aware that zombies are FAR more frequent than you think! Viruses, fungi, protozoans, wasps, tapeworms and a vast number of other parasites have developed very specialized biology that hijacks another's brain and nervous system for their own needs.

Like a Costa Rican spider that ends it's life weaving a special web for the larva of a parasitic wasp, or a virus that infects certain caterpillars and drives them to climb high into the canopy unlike the caterpillar's regular behavior to stay low and out of sight of predators. Once it is at the highest point, it's body disintegrates spreading millions of copies of the virus.

Mammals and humans are not immune from parasitic infections and even chemical alterations of their brain chemistry....yes Zombifacation!

Check out the New York Times article here


Martin Z. said...

Woot! Zombie apocalypse is one step closer to science fact instead of science fiction.

kallamis said...

Someone go find me Leon Kennedy and Daryl. (Hey, someone had to say it).

Beam Me Up said...

and I had such high hopes for you Kall! You notice I refrained... Coffee came out my nose though when I read that...your needed sayin

Beam Me Up said...

Truer words never spoken Martin. Now all I need is investors in my all purpose zombie killin kit. I can see the ad now! Buy 2 and we'll ship the second free of charge!

Billy you left us way too soon!

kallamis said...

I could have brought up the plant that does something similar to ants, but that wouldn't be fun.
Or I could have mentioned how this could, and probably is being thought out as a weapon. And probably attempts being made, (even in back yard wizardry), to attempt just this.
I mean, just think about how many religious societies that could use this to build their own empire if they could figure it out and release it.
Always remember, that those that seek power, or have power, will always look to rule all others, no matter what it takes to do so.
I know, for this reason alone. If I had the money to do so, an underground shelter, and any that enter it, know it is not a democracy, but my rule alone. (Good reason there however, the world went belly up, and I am trained in that.)
However, you know, and I know, that this would make one of the ultimate weapons of all time, on any world.
Forgetting all the fun and lunacy I live within, if this was found to be possible, and a way to deliver it to affect sapiens, you know it would be used.
Perhaps not as a weapon os mass destruction, but a test would be carried out. And since there isn't really that much difference between the DNA's of species on this planet. and we are learning to alter and modify......
Hey, you never know. And no, I don't trust them, any of them. But I had to throw my buddy Leon out ther first. (Haven't seen the new resident evil, so no clue if they did him justice or not. But if they didn't, my review will be bad. Believe it.) He and Claire are my characters.