Friday, December 21, 2012


   Well, folks, as of 6:11 am, Ohio time, the world will come to it's end. 
   The alien god will return.
   His name is Galactus. And it fits to what the 2012 Mayan doomsayers, (greedy assholes that prey on the gullible of religious persecution and destruction), say we are going to end or enter a great new age of awakening.
   Well, after over 30 years years of some of the greatest training on Earth, I say this, go for it. if you want the world to end, than MAKE IT SO.
   But he is coming, believe it. The end of the world is now. We are all going to die, because we have not fulfilled the laws that the ancient alien gods gave us to follow.
   They will return, and we will pay for what we have done wrong. The true age of Aquarius will start soon, and all non believers and all haters of true freedom will die horribly.
   And don't you all forget. I have foretold this, and therefore it is absolute truth. You must listen to me. I have sorcerers training. If you do not prepare, and put in place a multi-million dollar shelter system by 6:11 am Ohio time, tomorrow morning, you will all be dead. 
     I say goodbye to you all. The ancient aliens are returning, and I, as a homo superior, will be chosen to rule over the rest of you left alive.  Be warned, I am a hard master. You will obey me, or you will be destroyed, by my masters laws. 
   Okay, there's my psychotic end of the world 12/21/2012 nonsense idiocy. 
   Remember, I warned you. I am the new emperor of the planet Terra. Obey me, or my alien masters will make you pay. 
    Obey me, or suffer eternal torment starting at 6:12 am Ohio time. I have warned you, beware.
  Hey, this is a sci-fi, etc site. Besides, no one else went wonky here, so I will.

   LOL. Okay, who's next. 


Martin Z said...

Is there a application I can fill out to become a lackey/thug in your new regime. I apologize to everyone else in advance for the helping the enslavement, but I gotta back a winner when I see one. LOL

Beam Me Up said...

all I can say is that the Apocalypse was incredibility low key and I find that being apocalypsed to death is incredibly boring! Where are the daemons with their whips? No tortured souls?! And not one, no one single ho throwin me a mercy frack! wait...did I show up for the wrong apocalypse again?!

kallamis said...

Sounds you did, the same as I did. Somehow I must have walked through dimensions and ended up on an identical world that isn't going to end. That's just bloody disappointing I tell you.

Beam Me Up said...

well I left down the prerequisite amount of bread crumbs to find my way back....damn birds....

color me still apocalypse bored....

kallamis said...

Hey Martin, np. I'll get a few of those made up and ran off here soon. Never thought about applications. Great idea man, thanks.
Wish I had thought of that earlier, I'd have made one up and posted it here.

Beam Me Up said...

I am not sure I like the word lackey... but always believing myself a bit of a closet nilist...and no I am not going to say its time to come out of the closet....sheeeeeeeeesh you think I am that much of an idiot?