Friday, December 07, 2012

Company to Offer Expeditions to the Moon

The Golden Spike Company announced on the anniversary of Apollo 17 (the US's last Apollo mission to the moon) that it would begin offering as they put it, " routine exploration expeditions to the surface of the Moon."

Using existing rocket systems  and emerging commercial-crew spacecraft,  the company  plans to market the resulting system to "nations, individuals, and corporations with lunar exploration objectives and ambitions.  Plus offer them at a fraction of the cost of any lunar expedition envisioned so far. 

Golden Spike estimates the cost for a two-person lunar surface mission will start at $1.4 billion.  Golden Spike says that this price point is very competitive as many of the countries are already spending for robotic equipment.

I was going to also include the Golden Spike web address but I received a 404 error....


kallamis said...

I found a yahoo article on it, so here is that link. It's yahoo, yahoo wrote it, so don't blame me. I'll try and find a main page for the company later, maybe they'll have something written up. Here's the yahoo link though.

Beam Me Up said...

Ha! Did you read some of the names that are on the BOD? Most couldn't find their ass with a map!