Sunday, December 02, 2012

BMU # 342 Now Online

Episode 342 is ready to a manner of speaking!  There were times when the computer seemed to have a mind of its own!  Anyhooo  I start with a breezy piece of music called The Flame which was the theme opening song for Requiem for the Darkness.  Strange and evocative music to match the anime series!  Well worth checking out!

The first story of the afternoon is another fine piece of flash, by Mark Webb, that he did for the  flash fiction Antipodean podcast/magazine site. located in Australia, called, “Make mine a Macchiato”  Oh and don't forget to check out Mark's book of flash fiction on Smashwords.  Details after his story!

I manage again to squeeze in some Star Trek trivia!  Once again this week, I do a couple questions from the animated series.

First thing in the science department is a story concerning the possible formation of Mars, on this week's Earth Sky.  

From the blog,  the largest black hole EVER discovered.  Did the LHC create new matter?   What??? did the U.S.  Really try to blow up the moon?  People believe this?

And Finally our second story of the afternoon, part 4 of Poul Anderson's  “Call Me Joe”

That's it!  Enjoy! 

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