Monday, December 31, 2012

If A Horse Came Up As Lame as 2012, They'd Have Shot it!

Barry sent in a link that has had me laughing all afternoon.  From Time Magazine  Tech is this article from Harry McCracken covering as he puts it,  the 57 Lamest Tech moment of 2012!

Stuff like:  
  • Apple customers at a Vancouver Best Buy, discover  the iPads they’ve purchased look suspiciously like blocks of modeling clay.   Seems  criminals bought iPads and then returned them for refunds but not before removing the iPads  and refilled the boxes.  
  • Or Motorola selling  about 100 refurbished Xoom tablets that may still have their previous owners’ information on them. 
  • Microsoft ditches the START button in Windows 8?!!
  • You know the saying about people that never learn from history?  You know the rest?  Well it should just read dumb and gullible.  It seems  quite a few credible websites bit hook line and sinker on a "historical" discovery that a youthful Abraham Lincoln attempted to patent his idea for local newspapers to give each citizen a personal page to “discuss his Family, his Work, and his Various Endeavors” — in effect, a 19th century dead-tree version of Facebook.  Great idea, totally fake....
And this is just the first few listings!

Click here to go to the TIME article.


kallamis said...

Not a bit of this surprises me. I have met people even in the last year that still think snakes swallow their young to protect them.
I'd already given up all hope for 99% of the sapiens species. It sometimes seems like they want to be duped, or want to be stupid.
I just can't figure it out. And then they argue when you show them the proof.
Even have people here that say they don't believe in science, they believe in truth. My usual response is for them to stop using all things of science then. Then they always seem to go whacko.

Beam Me Up said...

too true my friend... this was such a small glean that I wondered if it reminded me of anyone in particular...Humans have lost their Ocam sensibilities! Now the stranger, more convoluted and outrageous is viewed as the most likely truth....How do you answer to something like that?