Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Feasting! Alternative Menu Items?!

The Christian holiday menus are in a funk.  Come on, you know it's a fact!  Turkey, Ham or pork, maybe the vegetarians have it right.  Well lets discount for a moment that vegi-burgers many not be on everyone's menu and do some speculating. 

With that in mind, there are reasons that these choices in meats were made.  For the most part they are mild flavored for the most part.  Meat often takes on the taste of what the animal eats.  There is a reason that carnivore meats are not at the top of meats consumed.  

This round about way to menu choices then brings us to a PopSci article asking the rather intriguing question - what kind of dinosaur meat would taste the best!  As in today's diet, carnivore meat would most likely be off the menu.  Fat contributes a lot to the flavor of the meat and what an animal eats flavors the fat.  It becomes quickly clear why, now and it was then, the meat eaters were not good eating.

However if we think of the types eaten now - cow, deer, bison perhaps, we see the palate leans toward grass and grain fed.  T-Rex for all it's supposed glamorous nature, has been found to have jaw abnormalities which suggests diseases from eating rotten meat which also suggests that the meat would be heavily laden with parasites.  It does not take much to consider how a Rex would taste...bleh.

Many theories suggest that dino meat would taste like chicken because of the close ties to modern birds.  However the Pop Sci article suggests that many of the land going dinos would be closer to beef.  

The article goes on to consider slow vs fast twitch muscle fibers and fast and slow activity to suggest what  meat would be like on certain animals and go on to make some interesting conclusions.

Read the Pop Sci article here to see if your mouth starts to    


kallamis said...

Veggie burgers are great, provided you get ones that are actually edible.
I'm not a vegetarianism, but I eat very little red meat ever. I eat mostly fish.
But if anyone out here is interested, the best I found are the Morning Star. They taste almost like a burger.
And as for dinosaurs, I think I would go for the pterodactyl meat. May be a lot of them that are related to our fowl now, but at least that smegger is already flying.
Besides, I think it would be safer to shoot one of those, than to seriously piss off a t-rex.
Lets see, high powered rifle and choice of flying one, or one big enough to swallow my bike and me at the same time. Yeah, I'm going for the flyer. Maybe when it hits the ground the fight will be over. Shoot a T-rex, and it might be similar to sticking a steer in the arse with a needle.
Then again, you have to admit that pissing of a T, would make life interesting. For a few moments anyway.

Beam Me Up said...

I was macro-biotic for many years. After my daughter was born I thought it best to have a modified vegetarian diet. I don't feel its right to force the lifestyle on anyone.
As for Morning Star, I hate to plug a product, but you are right. You can eat them and feel you have had the same experience as a burger.

And I still have to go with the choices made for dino meat, slow twitch, likely a white low heme meat which would be mild, very much like the the herbivore / ruminators we favor today....yup...the other other white meat

kallamis said...

The other white meat?? Okay, they evolved into fowl, I'll give you that one.
I can not believe we are talking about feasting on dinosaurs. And I thought our conversations here got weird.

Beam Me Up said...

Ummm is that a good thing or a bad thing? Besides, they make a good case on the small dino as being an 11 herbs and spices...candidate

kallamis said...

Always good. And to be totally honest, I have wondered about this before. I even have flavors picked out for certain types in the game.
T-rex, steggy, raptor etc I gave the taste of steak or venison to.
If flying or small and ground bound I gave it the flavor of chicken.
For water, i just say fish and make my life easy.
When you have idiots like i do, that insist on playing with a freaking time table if they find one, well, you wing it on the fly.

Beam Me Up said...

Nope, I would have to say the article convinced me, carni really does say something about what is going on with their diet dead stuff, rotten stuff, diseased stuff nope no carnivore on my dinner plate.