Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quantum Computers to Compete with Home Computers?

A "Quantum Computer" has for the most part been the minion of science fiction.  Using quantum states for logic instead of 1s and zeros used by today's computer logic systems.  A quantum logic state can  store more than 1 and do it at virtually no power consumption.

Any one of these would make a home or business computers vastly more efficient.  But Physicists believe that a true Quantum computer is still way into the future.  

Now, several teams have demonstrated a "quantum" speed-up that if perfected could give the standard computer a very real competition! Scientists at MIT, studying the effect, have said that the mechanical computation of Quantum may just be possible which would mean that calculations that take hours and days, might be able to complete in a fraction of the time.

Read the Wired / Science Now article HERE


kallamis said...

For any computational aspects quantum would surely be the way to go.
I'm not a computer expert so I am not sure about this next question so bear with me here.
Even though it would do great at that, would it be a hindrance or a gain to the gaming community. I am thinking a gain, but computations and gaming are 2 entirely different things.
And I realize there are a lot of other factors as well like graphic card, etc.
But I asked because I am sure someone out here can explain it to me, without me having to go look everything up for 4 hours which i just don't have at the moment.
I honestly never thought about looking into this, because i figured it was in the sci-fi realm for a very long time to come yet. Be nice if I was wrong.

Beam Me Up said...

well the way I read it is that the true Quantum processor still is the realm of science. It is the marriage of the two, a mechanical,quantum, that may be the way we will ever realize the gain.