Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Class of 1999

Directed by Mark Lester
Written by C. Courtney Joyner Bradley Gregg
Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Miles Langford
Stacy Keach as Dr. Robert "Bob" Forest
Bradley Gregg as Cody Culp
Traci Lind as Christy Langford
Patrick Kilpatrick as Mr. Bryles
Pam Grier as Miss Connors
John P. Ryan as Mr. Hardin
Darren E. Burrows as Sonny
Joshua John Miller as Angel

Well if you read who wrote the screen script and stared in it, clears up some of the mystery as to what possessed these people to make this absolutely horrid turdfest.

Gregg knows better to as does McDowell. Ferchristsake, I mean A Clockwork Orange? Who did you piss off Malcolm that left you in a position that you felt like you needed to do this?

Mark brought this by and his reason for renting was the lack of fake effects. He seemed to think that way back in 1990 the didn't have such things...I would hate to bust his bubble that I remember Star Wars and 2001 a Space Oddssey, both made well before this one and used pretty damn good effects that would hardly be out of place today. No, this movie didn't do computer graphics because it was a low budget movie.

So what is the premise of Class of 1999? well in the future, gangs have become so powerful and violent that they have for all intents "taken over" cities. Certain schools have become free fire zones, where not even law enforcement will venture into.

Into this mess Dr. Miles (McDowell)Langford decides to fight back and brings in Dr. Robert (Keach) Forrest to regain his school. Dr Forrest used Kennedy high-school as a training ground for his "tactical education units" but in fact the are humanoid war-fare but in fact are terminator style combat units reprogrammed them with teacher personalities. In the same ole anti science and tech, the Tactical Education units begin to revert back to their warrior units and student trouble makers begin dying.

A point is reached where they are not even coming in to school but attempt to kill gang members and to buy their old units and begin instrumentally to start gang wars.

It goes on and on, trying to be something it cant. Green goo and pasted on makeup. A schizophrenic plot that races to the end. I honestly tried to stop the DVD several time but I just watched it enough that I could talk somewhat about the high points.

Keach and McDowell on their own don't save this self indulgent piece of trash.

I would not buy this film and neither would I pay to rent it. Hey I wouldn't even watch it if I wasn't doing reviews. Well the one good thing I learned that B movies are universal and for the most part universally bad!

I would give it a 4 first because well the movie is slock)and guess what it had NO extras. That's it. I know, I have called other movies bad, but they were masterpieces by comparison.

Put the dvd down and back away slowly.

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