Monday, December 17, 2012

Company Claims Invention of Potter Style Invisibility Cloak

And if you are like me, the BS alarms should already be going off. Why? Well this Canadian company UltraStealth says that they have invented a screen or tarp or cloak if you must, that uses no camera, or power supply, but if you look at the photo, it is clearly Photoshopped which Ultra Stealth explains as not wanting to give away technical secrets. hummmm. If you read the original article, you can clearly tell that they ARE talking about the Potter cloak, here is why. They describe a scenario where a soldier could walk into a room undetected. Now if your blocking all the IR visible and UV then yes you would be undetectable. But it also shows a fantastic ignorance of simple physics and the behavior of light. Because anyone that knows about refraction and reflection knows that if this unit works as advertised they would have a MAJOR problem. The wearer is blind. Potter is fiction so she can say what she wants to about how the cloak works, but obviously has absolutely NO scientific training. And you know this is true and you can prove it to yourself if you doubt me. A mirror reflect virtually all the light energy that hits it right. But if you stand behind this mirror, you can not see anything. Now the very first objection that usually comes up is what about 2 way mirrors....really? 2way mirrors are only partially glazed. it is very easy to see through both sides, but you ALWAYS see the hidden side as a dark room. Haven't you ever seen glass at night? Makes a good mirror... That how we know that UltraStealths cloak is vapor ware....

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