Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Science, Science Fiction, Yin,Yang?

To the right you see the iconic Buzz Lightyear.  Beside him is a prototype of a new Z-1 for use by astronauts on deep space mission.
Anyone want to talk about the 800 lp gorilla in the room?


kallamis said...

When i first saw this online, I thought it was a fake.
When i found out it wasn't, i just wasn't exactly sure what to say.
I'm still not sure. Oh well, I guess if it works that's what matters. At least they should have a wider view now, which can only increase the safety margin.
But why the green? I have a suspicion that this was done on purpose with the color aspect. It's drawing attention, and frankly they need all the attention they can get any more.
Build a buzz lightyear suit, have a guy in there with a mohawk, and people get interested for a bit.
Now if the smegs would all just stay interested.

Beam Me Up said...

EXACTLY!!! I wouldn't have posted otherwise. I have done SOOOOOOO many of NASA's new deep space suit, that I suspect that this one isn't even a functional suit. (no P.L.S.S. pack, fan or otherwise)

So, what IS the reason to the florescent green?! I doubt that this is in any way shape or form a "prototype" All you have to do is look at the suit and color and you know who is being targeted. No the real question seems to be, who's kid are they trying to influence. ie "you mean Buzz can't really go to space because you said no?!!! Followed by hours of unconscionable sadness....The game is joined and something's afoot!