Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rep Calls For Ban on 3D Printed Firearms

Hey, did Cory Doctorow call this one or what!  Early in Beam Me Up's run (episode 38) I ran a story call Print Crime by Cory.  It told the dark tale of copyrights that extended to 3d printers.  In most cases even the printers themselves were an arrestable offence! Not to mention many desperately needed products which copyright leaches had tired up for their own devices.  

Well here is where a scenario like Doctorow's might start.   No matter how you feel about assault weapons or their ability to be printed (they work, but are only able to fire a handful of rounds before disintegrating. ) really isn't the point.  It's the inclination to take this kind of action without fully understanding the ramifications   or for that matter implementation!

I wonder even if that covers all of the possibilities.  This is an insidiously slippery slide that once ventured upon can only, in my humble opinion, lead to disaster.  

The technology has proven itself wildly valuable in many instances, but wholesale legislation could ruin the device's potential.  

I know it's a bit of a stretch, but thoughtful consideration before wholesale legislation is, I would think, the order of the day here.

Least that is what I think... Hit the link below to read the Boing Boing article and the ban Rep Steve Israel is calling for.

Article link here


Dave Tackett said...

"thoughtful consideration" from politicians??? lol. It will never happen.

Imagine a reelection commercial stating that a politician considered legislation, but then realized it was an unenforceable, possibly draconian, solution to a currently non-existent problem and decided against it. Not exactly effective. Thoughtful consideration doesn't make for good sound bites.

Beam Me Up said...

Dave it was worth the try but honestly the reason I did comment was the politician was so ill informed and willing to knee jerk legislation into place! But you are right, even putting it on page felt could hope however...

kallamis said...

"so ill informed and willing to knee jerk legislation into place."
Hasn't that been kind of the case for a long time now. Tech scares a lot of people, and we are going to be seeing all kinds of bills real soon I bet. Probably a lot no one hears about also.
If they could, they'd know every key typed by every person in the country.
But a lot of technology was met with fear at the beginning. Same as the TV was once thought by a lot of people to do irreversible damage, etc.
Non existent problems are what politicians are best at. That and trying to make people afraid of them.

Beam Me Up said...

I know Kall, but damn it I always have this glimmer of hope that someone will see reason, someone in the sheep to stand up ya know?

I do have to ask IF THEY COULD? Our Canadian friends already are doing the CIA's grunt work. (can't spy on the American public....doan cha no so the CIA pays the boyz from the snowy north to do it fer em) time to look up baaaaaaa baaaaaaaa couldn't resist! extended phone capacity my ass. That data goes north for one reason only.