Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Abe Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rufus Sewell, Marton Csokas

Everyone must have a movie that they fear someone will find out they watched it.  Though perhaps not quite that bad, Vampire Hunter surely must be in the running.   This was a film that I was quite sure I would never see, but then there was my friend Mark with another movie in hand extolling the film as "not that bad really!"   Hardly what I would classify as a great endorsement but I gave it a go. 

First thing I noticed is some of the industry's notables that were involved with the project.  Like Make up artist extraordinaire Rick Baker listed as producer...Yeah I know.  

But there again is Lincoln's name and visage across the screen and for me...well I was running cold already.  

The premise?  At a early age, Abraham Lincoln witnessed his mother killed by a vampire and pledges revenge on the monster who killed her.  If you feel that you have heard of this plot outline before you have.  It is one of the laziest to do.  The Karate Kid, Star Wars, pretty much ALL of Segal's movies, on and on and on.  The plot was so telegraphed that ten minutes into the film you knew everything that was going to happen and how the movie will end.  Trust me, it IS that by the numbers movie making.  The only thing I really didn't expect is how much of early USA history was portrayed as though it were the Civil war.

Now if they took out any reference to Lincoln and his ninja ax it well could have been a better movie.  The fight scenes were bloody and violent for even the most jaded viewer.  But there is Abe with his kung fu grip.  

The movie looks good.  Good period piece, there are extra, but I didnt care to watch after this viewing I just couldnt bare to go through it again.  So the movie rates a 5 and the extras a 5, because no matter how good, if they dont get you to look it is a wasted effort so 5.5 for a combined rating.  

If you like non stop fight scenes or gore, this is for you, otherwise pass on it.   

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