Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Earth Makes Noises Like Crickets and Chirping Birds!

Carole sends in a note concerning the twin Van Allen probes,  formerly known as the Radiation Belt Storm Probes    Theses probes were launched recently to study the harsh radiation surrounding the planet.   Though barely into their mission the probes have made very high resolution  measurements of high-energy particles and radio waves. 

Scientist have already found that the radio waves and the radiation belts interact.  The radio waves seem to add energy to the high energy particles in the "belts".   The added bonus comes in the form of the frequency of these waves which interact and produce signals within the range of human hearing. 

University of Iowa physicist Craig Kletzing played a recording of these high pitched radio waves at a recent conference.  Kletzing says it sounds like the chirping of 'alien birds" and crickets.

For the most part, these background sounds were undetectable most of the time, however amateur radio operators had reported these odd bird chirps and cricket sound.  It is the unprecedented clarity of the new recordings  that is unprecedented. 

What the satellites have already uncovered is  the outer radiation is proving to be much more dynamic and rapidly changing than had been anticipated. 

 Yahoo news article

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