Saturday, May 05, 2012

Beam Me Up episode 312 now online

wooooooooooo ever had one of those days? Yeah? Mine seem to last a week... soooooooo, what’s on tap this week? Well its episode 312 and I found a couple of entertaining stories and some very interesting articles plus a review.

Very first thing out the door I had a story with the same characters as in episode 308 Kevin Phyland’s Phobic. In this episode Kevin’s story may not be as graphic but it is every bit as thought provoking. His story this month is “Going Home” and I think you will enjoy it every bit as much as I did reading it.

Next I have a couple of articles from The articles of note this week deal with first, where is all the star building material come from? You will get a major Oh WOW when you find out not so much where as to when star making could have ceased....and speaking of star making material, how about surviving stars from just shortly after the big bang, yep, possible. 

From there I review the movie Cowboys and don’t pass judgement now, listen to the review! From there, it’s the SuperMoon on the 5th / 6th if you are lucky tonight otherwise this is dated - I know, dont you hate that! Ron sends us in a study just starting up about pulsed fusion space engines that is very interesting! And check out hypervelocity stars. Yep 2 billion MPH now that is what I call faaaaaaaaaaast! 

And to get the ball rolling, Courtney wanted to remind me that this year is the last year for over 100 years in which we will be able to watch a transit of the Sun by Venus. It will be in June this year, and I will remind everyone so anyone that wants to can see it, at least we have some lead time huh?

And so on to our second story, Still Live by AC Wise will be this week’s ender. Still Life deals with the progression of tech to preserve a person’s memory. For most of the past century it was a picture. Literally a still life..... Now we have instant pictures and where will the tech progress from here. What will be the reaction of others that loved and cared for them as well. How do you consider other’s feelings for your love lost. And what of the replacement. Its more than a picture, but how much more...... I will only get about half read before the top of the hour, so more next week.


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