Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scientists Successful in Re-purposing Skin Cells...

Newsdaily reports that researchers based in Technion-Israel Institute of Technology,have for for first time ever, succeeded in taking skin cells and transforming them into beating heart tissue.

The researchers speculate that a patient with advanced heart failure instead of going through the difficulties of a transplant could use their own cells to create heart tissue that would be equivalent to healthy and young heart cells which would grow into their own heart, doing away with the need for transplant drugs and the ilk.

The research team accomplished the feat by taking skin cells from two patients with heart failure and transformed theses cells by adding three genes and a molecule called valproic acid to the cell nucleus.

The study, published in the European Heart Journal on Wednesday, said clinical trials of the technique could begin within 10 years.

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Thanks Herb for the heads up.


kallamis said...

Amazing how far we sometimes get. I know however that they are still not getting the attempt at meat correct.
My thoughts here though go in a different way. If they get this technology really going, and really working, I may live a lot longer yet.
Get a lab, grow my own parts. Get good enough, reconstruct a young body as a total copy. Then all we need is a way to download the imprinted synaptic and electrical patterns of brain and nervous system and there you go. Eternal life provided you don't die by accident.
Now where are we going to put all those people.
I know, you don't tell the regular population. You keep it for the top leaders in the world, and their closest allies, family etc. Then instead of copying yourself, you just download yourself into a copied body that has had minor cosmetic surgery. Still you, with all your money, and knowing that you will arise to power again, as the grandson of yourself.
Normal people never learn the truth that they are being ruled by the same exact people for 100's of years, or even longer.
Yeah, I'm off to the races today you see. Mind done went out to left field again.

Beam Me Up said...

ah but you know that the copy becomes self aware and learns the true purpose of it's existence, plots your untimely demise and takes over your life and gets in on with the wife you created earlier with his/your own cells but swapped the dominant chromosome, and now you find out that she/you are pregnant......dum dum dum!

Come on! you have seen all the movies and read all the books KNOW how this has to go...Marching Morons? We can remember it for you wholesale (i know not quite the same thing but close enough)