Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Enhanced Touch Interaction

Goes without saying that just about everything we do now when interacting with various machines and hardware can or does have some form of "touch" for operation. Desk-tops, laptops, phones, bank atms, all types of cooking and other household items - the sky is the limit. However one of the major failings of the present system is that for all intents the present systems are binary. Either off or on depending on whether the object is touched or not a single channel if you will. There hasn't been much growth into the "type" of touch, like are you using 1 or a number of fingers, are you grasping turning, pushing, pulling - any number of variations. Now a system called Touché which in it's simplest form is a multiple channel sensing. With this configuration you not only can vastly increase the information of touch but use a much wider use of materials for sensing even human skin. Think of this a second. A system that could tell if you were say touching all your fingers together, or holding your hand in a specific position could tell Touché to say turn on you music system, touching your palm could change how the player works. Any number of things. Watch this video to see some ideas.

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