Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Milky Way Sized Black Hole Seems To be Waking

Everything is relative.... How many times have you heard that, huh? We look at our sun, solar system and Milky Way and find that for the most part they are all about the same in a relative kind of way. Then we find that some of these galaxies have monstrous black holes at their centers. But far from being a deal breaker, the Milky Way has one of these animals at its center as well. A huge 4 thousand Sols in fact and scientist now are saying that eventually ALL galaxies will have these monsters at their centers as well. So, again things are the same relatively speaking.

And now along comes another deal breaker. In 2010 a team of astronomers spotted what appeared to be a flare from a previously inactive black hole in a galaxy about two billion light-years away. What caught my eye in this article was not that the black hole seemed to be waking up or even that another galaxy HAD a super massive black hole - as super massive black hole with an event horizon the size of the milky Way! (I say event horizon because in reality a black hole is infinitely long and infinitely narrow at the opening. However its influence spreads far from the opening, with huge warpings of space time. The event horizon is that point of influence where light itself can no longer escape from being drawn into the central opening. )

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kallamis said...

Considering that even micro black holes cause complete havoc with everything we know, from light to gravity, space and time, can you imagine the chaos around this thing before you ever even get close to the event horizon. This monster has to be causing considerable damage for thousands of light years out from the event horizon just by the influence of it's gravity alone. This thing is a freaking galaxy slayer in the truest sense of the word.
I want to go see this as well. Just to see the utter and complete chaos that i believe has to be going on.
Now to the sci-fi part.
I often wondered about that deal with Star Trek using the sun to go back in time. What if you did that just skimming the edge of the event horizon of a black hole. But one this size the ship would have to be moving at such a speed to begin with just to make it half way around even, that such a use would seem nearly silly. But considering what it has to be doing to time and space, what if you just skimmed off it. Not to mention that what it is doing to time and space by random gravity warpings means that time travel close to one of these things could happen entirely by accident. Time pockets basically. (Yeah, thinking as I go, and I'm betting my poor gamer's will hate me soon. Hee Hee.)

John said...

I posted on here a year or so ago my theory... The Inverse Sphere Theory... I suggested that our universe takes on the characteristics of an onion (as does basically every other object in our universe with multiple layers)... A thin outer layer which simply preserves condensed matter/information through wormholes/white holes created by black holes within our own known universe. Then, the second layer would consist of dark energy and and then finally the universe we reside in which has both normal matter and dark matter and... Black holes. Right now we are reaching a stage of equilibrium... However, we will begin to see larger and larger black holes which will eventually spew mass onto the outer layer which will compress, they will eat everything within our realm and then start eating the dark energy buffer between us and the outer layer... Finally, there will be 1 super massive black hole which will begin to create a feedback loop once it starts to near the outer layer of information and since you can not have a paradox, you'll create another big bang... Evidence of this can also be seen through cosmic bruising.. But hell, who am I aside from a high school drop out. LOL The universe is about to stop expanding as evidence by the cosmic bruising... Then the ball will be passed back to gravity.

kallamis said...

I've always had a slightly different theory about the universe, and the rest of them. Not talking alternate universes here, just different universes. Here's how I envision it, and also use it in my game to mass confusion a lot. (I refer to alternate universes in the game and life usually as alternate dimensions, even though my game is titled Alternate Realms.
We know we are still speeding up, therefore the big bang explosion isn't over. It is still happening, and we are within the explosion itself. Lets forget what the actual size is, as we cannot see beyond the light age of the universes time. This does not mean that the universe is not a whole lot bigger.
Now, lets take the expansion part, and assume that like any explosion, at the center there is a vacuum created that slowly dissipates as the explosion moves outward. Now since we are expanding still, and apparently picking up speed what if we are not the first universe to inhabit this localized areas of space time. What if there was one, or even millions before us. They don't have to be gone, but could still be expanding beyond the edge of our universe, thereby creating a pull on ours, that affects the dark matter and energy and causes us to keep accelerating outwards.
At some point, at the center of that big bang, or double bang, it will eventually rip. If it does, there could be another big bang, within our universe itself at the center. And now we have another universe created, separated from ours by a boundary of exploding radiation and strange matter. And so on and so forth, creating a multiple universe, each wrapped within the other. The true perpetual energy machine.
Not saying that eventually the first will not get rolled back and sucked in to be reborn again differently as a whole new and different universe with different laws of physics etc.
I use the ancient alien concept in this way. They aren't from our universe, but from the one before us. Able to travel beyond the barrier, some come to help, and others to play games or destroy enslave and take what they want. Just one on my theories that I of course turn over my knee and bend it every way possible trying to just avoid the breaking point of it. One of these days my brain is going to burn out. Permanently.
And if my gamer's ever sign into this site and learn some of what is really happening in the game, I'll be the first person ever to see what happens inside a black hole.

Beam Me Up said...

Nice visualization K.! Oh it MUST be raising all kinds of hell light centuries out! If a galaxy can pull on another a more than 10% of the known universe then this thing would have to have the same kind of influences. Mind bending stuff for sure!