Sunday, May 13, 2012

BMU #313 Now Online

Well, out with the old and in with the new. Episode 313 of Beam Me Up is the beginning of the seventh year of I am not sure what. It would seem it is popular though!

I open this week with a quick ditty from John Anealio called “Let Your Geek Flag fly” a cute “call to arms” for all the geeks of the world. 

From there I play the first piece of fiction of the afternoon. a flash fiction, a story by J.P. Kelly that was influenced of all things by down-town LL Bean in Freeport! I kept thinking I would run it during the Christmas holidays but never got the chance. But now I read that he now is gearing up his site Free Reads and I thought what better story to remind everyone how good the site was. From there it is over to the blog with the article about a black hole that has some mind numbing features, Symphony of Science is back at it again, I play the newest compilation, “We Are Star Dust”. Earth Sky’s article this week points how different Mars really is from the Earth For all that it seems to be like Earth. Another article from Courtney tells of scientists using space telescopes like the Spitzer have been able to resolve infra-red light from “super Earth” planets. 

And finally I play part 2 of A.C. Wise’s Still Life

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