Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Review: Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Indians

Starring Daniel Craig Harrison Ford Olivia Wilde

Directed by Jon Favreau

Talk about covering all the bases - Every kid from the 50s and 60s played Cowboys and Indians and since then everything Aliens is golden. Combining the two is like "you have chocolate in my Peanutbutter..."

So here we are in the late 1800s in a slowly dying. The sheriff is all but a figurehead. The real power base is the local beef - baron, who's son  terrorizes the locals and is generally above any laws.  That is until a man with no name comes to town.

Fights and show down ensue until strange flying craft begin capturing locals.  

From then on its the tech disadvantaged locals against ruthless aliens - there is even a plucky dog!

I was ready to hate this movie, but I was surprised by the depth of the actors in the film and they didn't seem to be walking through their parts.  Plus a reasonable amount of action both real and cgi.  

So up to this point, I was pleasantly surprised and even willing to overlook some of the little quirks.

And then one major problem.  I make no bones that I rent my movies.  I like the fact that I can watch it at anytime I want.  Plus the disk often offers extras about the movie.  I like that often as much as the movie. 

This is the way I choose to view the movie.  I don't care for a movie that only plays at a certain time,  or has to be returned within a certain time.  I feel the rental gives you the best bang for your money. So you can understand that when all the menu items are there but each brings up the message that this disk is a rental and words to the effect that unless you plan on buying a "real" disk, then you are out of luck.  So the disk rental is the bottom of the heap.  That I paid real money for the rental, seems to be moot.  Fairview Studios, along with Platinum and imagine Entertainment can collectively kiss my ass.  I do not enjoy the message being foisted here.  Its a cheap shot and in good conscience  I can't recommend  the rental.  The movie itself really is just passable so if I had to I would give it a 5 if  I had to.  If you enjoy the extras....your out of luck.


JoshM said...

I've been noticing that a lot lately ... seems like all the recent DVD rentals are "movie-only" disks without any extras.


Beam Me Up said...

Maybe just outing them for what I feel is a despicable practice will have some chilling on their part. Well it's my fantasy and I will tell it any way I want! lmfao!

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Yeah....but it's Cowboys and Aliens.

Beam Me Up said...

That's what I get for writing that half asleep. Thanks for the heads up anon

Beam Me Up said...

Oh and I can't fire the editor....unfortunately that poor bastard is me.