Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Psychotronic Childhood - Learning from B-movies, by Colson Whitehead

reader/listener Nelson sends in a nostalgic look at formative B movies called A Psychotronic Childhood - Learning from B-movies, by Colson Whitehead, from the pages of the NewYorker. Mr. Whitehead's musings are evocative and funny, for I hazard that we have all been exactly in his situation. For me of course it was rushing home from high school to quickly slather on bread some mayo and salami, then to sequester myself for the balance of the afternoon to watch whatever fare being offered up. Mostly at that time it was Dark Shadows, but PBS wonder of wonders would often have Dr.Who or something in that never quite knew which. Check the NewYorker story here.


kallamis said...

Being born in 63, and having a sci-fi mom helped a lot for me. Everything from Astro Boy, marine Boy, Dark Shadows, all of it I am now trying to collect back up again.
I remember once during a thunderstorm, (no cable or satellite yet then out in the country), mom was hollering instructions, and I was up the tower turning the antenna so we could get PBS. We wanted to watch Dr. Who, and that is the night I believe dad decided we were both nuts.
A week later we had an antenna turner.

Beam Me Up said...

A nerd Mine was Rock and Roll, but you must have been in geek heaven! An antenna tower with a turner! Astro Boy was much earlier for me but...come to think of it, yeah early 60s was when I was watching. Loved astro-boy. It took me a bit of growing up to to dig the Doctor