Sunday, May 20, 2012

BMU #314 Now Online

Beam Me Up episode 314 (for some reason I had 318 on my brain so I went ahead and said this is 318...duh, this IS the proper episode number. Sorry for the confusion pac) is technically the first show in the Beam Me Up fiscal year. This week I continue a series, try out a new feature and finish a multi-part story.

First I demo a new q & a about Star Trek. Each week I will ask a couple of questions to be answered the following week.

The first story is Part 8 of In Plain Sight by Jason Kahn. Our detective on New Eden continues to run head long into strangeness. This week is no exception.

From the Blog, I review David Scholes Alien Hunters, I talk about how water droplets react in micro gravities when exposed to tone generators. Very interesting to watch the video. Next, you will not believe what Kodak kept in a cellar in Rochester NY, and you have to watch this little mockumentary about the near future and most of the western world. Nasa wants to mine asteroids and so it would seem does some private companies.

Finally AC Wise Still Life story concludes this week with part three. Enjoy!

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