Thursday, May 31, 2012

Space Bread by NASA?

From Dvice blog I read about the linchpin of civilization BREAD, that has fed civilized man for thousands of years with little change in ingredients, flour water sugars some binding fats and the living ingredient yeast. Anyone with strong arms and patience could at least feed themselves within reason. Now NASA has put the patience portion of the formula up for grabs - as part of NASA'sSpace Apps Challenges/BakerFaire: how to make bread in space. In just three hours, comes a 16 year old. Sam Wilkinson has managed to come up with a way to make bread rise instantly in microgravity without using yeast. By using CO2 Wilkinson can get his space bread to rise in 5 seconds flat! Check out the proof of concept video below.


Rosehippi said...

that is Flour- not Flower.... and yes it has changed, since the 70's when they genetically altered wheat and turned it into a super gluten that is now turning people into real fatties...along with corn syrup and corn and ????
what they don't tell us is WHY people have become Glucose/gluten INTOLERANT.
Yes though the ingredients have not changed, How it works has.

Beam Me Up said...

I did that didn't I...thats what I get for posting so late....or early...

Great questions.... there are a number of really good resources, but nothing seems cohesive or comprehensive...its like a lot of people have a tiny slice of the pie that is nutrition/agriculture but no one has the definitive picture.

Thanks for the heads up rosehippi, good to see you back.

Beam Me Up said...

and I still stand by my comment. As I said the ingredients have changed little....however you are correct, the over-specialized grains used in the making of flour has changed a markedly.